Mommy issues on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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Last night Love and Hip Hop Atlanta informed its many viewers that unhealthy relationships are partly the result of maternal abandonment.

Finally, Stevie J. made good on his promise. He got next to Mimi the only way he could--on a couch in the therapist's office. He couldn't keep his hands off her. Later that night, she and he leave the club together. Even though Mimi came to the club with her girl. Mimi loves Stevie J. and her love for him makes her as weak as it makes him strong. The end result of that is mega cash.

Artists, like Alicia Keys' in her cd "Element of Freedom," sing about trading material possessions for true love (presumably monogamous love). Consequently, there is not much left of Stevie J. and Mimi's relationship except for Mimi to let go of all that life with Stevie J. entitles her. Or accept his controlling attraction to Joseline--another character with childhood maternal abandonment issues.

If she doesn't, K.Michelle may pull a Mary J. Blige and bust a hit R&B track with records about men who dog women and women who are tired of it. K.Michelle also proved to be quite the joker and the picky dater. She met with an NFL baller and even if she made a physical connection, she wasn't mentally satisfied. So, K.Michelle is still on the prowl for love in the hip hop industry. Perhaps K.Michelle can't see it yet, but she's in love with herself and her career. And she's not entirely healed from her last physically abusive relationship with a man in the industry.

Benzino's true colors came out last night. Karlie's manager Malcolm warned her to leave Benzino alone and focus on her music. Karlie told Benzino who retaliated that Karlie wasn't all that. He said this to her after he gave her keys to the house. And before he introduced her to Lady Gaga's manager. Fortunately, Gaga's manager likes Karlie's work. Suddenly, those fifty million cracks that K.Michelle made about Karlie's age are surfacing. When's the last time a female hip hop artist over 30 launched large?

Benzino went from cool guy to bad guy in one short sentence. Suddenly, Karlie's fairy tale looks ominous, threatening and bleak. And so does the role of women in the hip hop industry where men are in absolute control of their careers. Benzino says he wants a relationship with Karlie, and there's no reason to question his sincerity. However, Benzino's timing is suspect. He's latched on to a reality TV star in the hip hop industry as he launches his new magazine and a new brand for himself.

Next week, Joseline joins Mimi and Stevie on the couch. Stevie J. either watches a lot of reality TV or he's got great advisers. The center of HBO's Sopranos was Tony Soprano's relationship with his therapist. Arguably the healthiest thing Tony Soprano did was release his inner tension with a mental health professional.

Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel's reality show found her on the therapist's couch at least every other episode. Frankel’s show, a reality series about love, marriage and her first born child, was immensely popular.

Stevie J.’s obviously smart enough to know what keeps viewers tuned into reality TV. He’s aware his audiences are a little smarter than Joseline, after all, they’d have to be moderately intelligent to even afford cable or satellite these days.

But it is Stevie J. who will have to answer questions about exploitation and money. And in the end, the women he’s exploited must decide if the money was worth it.

Read's quick interview with Stevie J. and Mimi here.

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