The nation's Top 20 Pizza Cities

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Let's find out what makes Chicago the number one pizza city in the United States?

Travel and Leisure took a vote from US city locals . The results? Pizza toppings, pizza crust, and the ingenuity of the pizza establishment all factor to determine which US cities serve the best pizza. Chicago holds the number spot again this year and that’s because Chicago residents hail deep dish pizza as their favorite.

20. Orlando, Florida. Epcot Center’s Via Napoli imports flour and water found in regions of Italy.

19. Baltimore, Maryland. Coal fired ovens inspired voters to choose Baltimore as one of the best US pizza cities.

18. Los Angeles. The trendy pizza restaurants, and thin crust earned Angeleans approval.

17. Memphis, Tennessee. True to southern traditions, there’s a pizza restaurant in Memphis that serves pork belly and egg toppings.

16. Houston, Texas. Thin crust and cured pork.

15. Austin, Texas. Wireless restaurants and gourmet pizza options.

14. Portland, Oregon. Pizzerias on wheels

13. San Antonio, Texas. Family friendly and affordable pizza, including Tex Mex pizza.

12. Portland, Maine. King Arthur flour at Leonardo’s restaurant.

11, San Francisco, California. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach gets high marks from readers.

10. Kansas City, Missouri. Pizza restaurants captured hearts of pizza fans in Kansas City.

9. Nashville, Tennessee. Lasagne pizza is cited as a fan favorite served at DeSano Pizza Bakery.

8. Savannah, Georgia. Locals voted for their favorite pizza restaurants that serve Jersey style pizzas.

7. San Diego, California. East coast style pizza at popular pizza restuarants.

6. Minneapolis/St. Paul. “Classic and quirky pizzas”.

5. Providence, Rhode Island. Toppings put Providence on the map. Lobster toppings and “salty pig parts.”

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A restaurant museum in Philly makes the mark. Pizza Brain, Philly’s pizza museum, has 500 pizza related artifact.

3. New York City. Pizza stops are everywhere throughout NYC’s boroughs. Pizzarias stay open late and that’s great for Big Apple peeps who never sleep.

2. Providence, Rhode Island. Grilled pizza is dough cooked on one side and flipped before cooks add toppings.

1. Chicago, Illinois. Classic deep dish earns the city number one accolades. Pizano’s, a local chain, is cited by city dwellers for its varying crust, either deep dish or thin crust cut into strips or squares.

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