New Pat-Down Means Touching Flight Attendant Genitals In Public

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Although a union of more than 2,000 flight attendants and four other very important travel industry organizations have opposed the TSA’s pat-down procedures, the TSA says the pat downs are not acts of molestation. Furthermore, the TSA indicates no desire to change their system because people are complaining.

Flight attendants, like passengers, must undergo a naked body scanner or a pat-down before boarding. But some flight attendants are not okay with the measures because the pat-down means they will experience others touching and feeling their genital areas. One flight attendant who felt groped has filed a claim, a local ABC news channel reported in Phoenix.

The flight attendants’ claims of groping and sexual assault are expected to pile up along with lawsuits as the law persists. The New York Times reported today that at least four major travel organizations are highly opposed to the TSA’s tighter security measures. The organizations say that travelers are avoiding the U.S. --a multi-million dollar consumer decision that negatively impacts the airline industry.

Passengers are vocal about the extra time it takes to perform the security procedures. Others feel the pat-downs are not legitimate defense measures to counter viable security breaches or concerns. Some agencies, like the U.S. Travel Association, feel the pat-down measures would, under any other circumstance, be considered sexual assault.

TSA says its pat-down procedures are not acts of molestation

When the naked body scanners were issued as part of new TSA security procedures, some spoke against what they felt was an invasion of privacy because the x-ray produces sound genital images. wrote editorials about how invasive it is that a man’s manhood was visible via X-ray.

Indeed, in Miami, there has been an incident rooted in what many feel is an absolute invasion of physical privacy. A TSA official was beaten with a police baton after he cracked jokes about an employee’s “small manhood.” The employee used the naked body scanner as part of a training exercise.

The Allied Pilots Association opposes the body scanners and has issued a boycott of the scanners because they feel the scanners expose humans to harmful levels of radiation during the screening process.

But the T.S.A. says that its duty is to fight terrorism and protect the safety of innocent people who use the airlines. “The T.S.A. is a counterterrorism agency whose mission is to ensure the safety of the traveling public.”

The TSA may be unlikely to change its pat-down safety measures, but in the days ahead, it may have to address professional etiquette of its screeners to reduce the complaints among passengers, both male and female who feel invaded or groped before boarding their flight.


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