Occupy Wall Street targets Bank Of America fraud (video)

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Occupy Wall Street is taking its protest to lobbies of at least 9 Bank of America locations across the US on March 15.

On Thursday, March 15, OWS protesters will carry furniture: couch, table, chair and plants, and set up in the lobbies of Bank of America locations in Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, California, Florida, Tennessee and Michigan.

• Chase Tower

• Downtown Manhattan Bank of America

• Bank of America NYC

• Bank of America Collier County, Florida

• Bank of America (FL)

• Bank of America (Phoenix, AZ)

• Bank of America (Geary, SF)

• Bank of America (Pritchard Park, TN)

• Bank of America Seattle

Fthebanks.org says its targeting Bank of America because it "steals taxpayer money, breaks laws, and their crimes have a massive impact on society.

Fthebanks say that for the "last three years, Bank of America has been borrowing billions of dollars a day in emergency lending from the Federal Reserve at interest rates close to zero." Fthebanks also says Bank of America received $45 billion in taxpayer bailout money in 2008, and furthermore accuses BOA of utilizing $25 billion of the bailout to help it buy the failing investment company Merrill Lynch.

Fthebanks says "Bank of America has defrauded everyone it does business with: investors, insurers, homeowners, shareholders, depositors, and the state." And then goes on to cite Bank of America's "laundry list of current and pending lawsuits."

Bank of America, according to fthebanks, is facing over a dozen class-action lawsuits for foreclosing on thousands of US homeowner including the homes of 5,000 military members. Bank of America, Fthebanks also says, owes its "everyday clients nearly half a trillion dollars from inflated and illegal overdraft fees. In May 2012, a federal jude ruled that the back must pay back its clients more than $410 million."

Minorities are systematically defrauded by BOA, fthebanks.org declares. Bank of America paid "$335 million to the Department of Justice after facing a lawsuit charging that Countrywide, a BOA owned-mortgage firm, systematically defrauded 200,000 African American and Hispanic borrowers in mortgage deals, often selling them riskier adjustable loans when they qualified for safer, fixed-rate mortgages."

State workers, counties, towns, the federal government, investors, insurers and shareholders are all victims of Band Of America's prior fraudulent practices, fthebanks.org says. Thursday's sit-in is largely a protest of the foreclosed homes that continues to stifle middle-class America and threatens to demolish the stability of the American middle class.

Fthebanks.org is also speaking out and protesting the 2008 bailouts noting that the country is on the verge of financial collapse, the same collapse that prompted a bank bailout in the first place.

For more information on "F (foreclose) the banks check out their websites here. Most of the Bank of America protests begin at 3 in the afternoon.

For a full schedule, click here.

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