Occupy Wall Street's six month anniversary (video)

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About 600 Occupy Wall Street activists celebrated the six month anniversary of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate greed protests in Manhattan yesterday.

Activists who disagree with the nation’s economic policies and the toll those policies have taken on the middle class converged in Manhattan and Zuccotti Park all day Saturday. They danced in the street, held protest signed, and marched through the park.

The Saturday gathering should have gone off relatively smooth, particularly as activists weren’t interrupting Wall Street’s Monday through Friday operations. At one point, activists goaled to disrupt Wall Street’s opening bell.

To date, the city of New York has planted police officers and barriers to prevent the obstruction of persons entering and exiting the NYSE building.

Yesterday’s police interference rings a bit strange. Police demanded protesters exit sidewalks on Liberty Street. The NYTIMES blog reports police made arrests shortly after.

Several incidents of what many witnesses say are extreme and police violence were reported by journalists on site. Images, video and photographs were captured as well.

Police officers asked random protesters if they were “planning terrorist activities.”

The 9/11 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center were attacks on the US economy and Wall Street. The United States has been in war and recovery ever since.

NYPD’s other concerns about the activists and protesters were related to camping. One officer said protesters had come with tents and sleeping bags. Throughout the day, NYPD arrested a number of activists.

This winter, the weather has been on the corner of the Occupy activists. The winter has been unusually brief and has allowed protesters to spend days, weeks, and months outdoors in encampments. The encampments are meant to mimic middle class America and the foreclosure, balloon mortgage crisis.

Occupy Movement hasn’t left many stones unturned. This week, it took to protesting Bank of America’s role in the nation’s financial crisis. Although Bank of America was cited, fined and is paying restitution, there are many Americans who are out of their homes because of BOA’s fraudulent foreclosure measures.

At 11:30 p.m. police closed the park and protestors resisted leaving. Instead, they locked arms and chanted “we are not afraid.” For months, Zucotti Park has been at the heart of the standoffs, tension and violence between police and Occupy Wall Street activists.

Zuccotti Park is the birthplace of the Occupy Movement. Occupy Wall Street sprouted from the minds of activists gathered in Zuccotti Park who were increasingly frustrated at the financial helplessness Americans felt after a decade of bad mortgages, foreclosures and big industry bailouts.

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