Christine O'Donnell says she's not a millionaire

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After Delaware GOP Congressional candidate Christine O'Donnell was accused of not paying college debts and illegal campaign fundraising, she retorted on CBS's "The Early Show," with "I'm an average hard-working American. I'm not a multi-millionaire like my opponent."

O"Donnell is running against nine-term Congressman Mike Castle. Castle's race to midterm re-election got a little saltier once Sarah Palin and the Tea Party endorsed Christine O'Donnell.

Christine O'Donnell: fighting among Repulicans ahead of the Mid-term elections

O'Donnell says her opponents have lodged accusations against her, including that she didn't get her college diploma for a full twelve years because she hadn't paid of student debts. Someone lodged a complaint against O'Donnell , the Tea Party Express, and O'Donnell's campaign organization. The complaint alleges illegal fund-raising activities.

The Tea Party Express has supported Christine O"Donnell with up to $250,000 in funds. This irks candidates and opponents because much of O'Donnell's financial support seems to be national rather than local.

O'Donnell also pointed out that Castle's donations, about 70 percent of it, came from "out-of-state corporate special-interest tax." She also said her campaign relies on grassroots support and has worked hard to get national attention.

Sarah Palin, Senator Jim Demint and Sean Hannity are all a part of O'Donnell's grassroots campaign effort, O'Donnell said. She feels that the support she is receiving from voters was a "vote of confidence for we, the people, and a vote against the politics of personal destruction."

O'Donnell says she addresses each of the accusations at her website But she also believes the rants and accusations against her to be the result of her moving in on Castle in the election polls.

CNN reported that O'Donnell's campaign manager, Matt Moran, accused Republican stalwarts Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes of "trying to undermine" O'Donnell after Palin endorsed him.

Kristol told CNN that he knows and respects Sarah Palin, "but with all due respect-Christine O'Donnell is no Sarah Palin."

By that Kristol likely meant that O"Donnell, a former marketing consultant, lacks governing experience and has never been elected to office.


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