Oprah Whips it with Willow Smith and the Smartest and Most Talented Kids

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Oprah's show today features the smartest and most talented kids including Willow "Whip My Hair Back and Forth" Smith. Willow Smith co-hosts with Oprah and Lenny Kravitz make a guest appearance to inspire a teenage guitar genius.

Viewers and audience members at the taping are blogging reactions to Willow Smith's pop star appearance. So far, the reactions are mostly negative with some fans saying that Smith's performance on the show was out of sync with the show's theme.

In a preview of Oprah's interview with Smith, Oprah asks the ten-year-old child star "What does your closet look like?"

Willow Smith replied, "Girrrrl," in what many consider slang unbecoming of preteens.

Several fans commented about Willow Smith's dialogue with Oprah and felt her tone was disrespectful and unmindful of the fact that she was talking to an adult. Although they are not aware of the conversations that may have taken place behind stage between Winfrey and young Willow Smith, some fans strongly disagree with the child performer's mature demeanor and feel that her hit song promotes consumerism and vanity.

One audience member stated that she was "annoyed" by the child star's performance and interview. Author Terry McMillan caused an uproar when she tweeted similar sentiments about the Smith child stars a little over a month ago.

Other bloggers said there is no reason to hate on the child star because she delivers brave and strong performances and few her age can bring it the way Willow Smith does. Supporters also feel it is great that a young person like Smith has parents who are guiding and developing her career and nurturing her interests because most children will switch their priorities and goals many times before they decide to embark on at least one of their passions.

Willow does a performance of "Whip My Hair" and afterward, her parents, Will and Jada Smith make an appearance in support of their daughter.

The other child stars on the Oprah Winfrey show today are not famous like Smith, but they are very smart and very talented. In addition to Willow Smith co-hosting and the teenage guitar genius the show features "pint size dance champs" and violinists and young instrumentalist Sujari Britt.

4 time Grammy Award winner Kravitz makes a surprise appearance today. Kravitz was last seen on television when he opened the NBA All Star game on February 20th and performed an array of hits including a single from his new album. Lenny Kravitz's new album "Black and White America" releases in July and he also begins a world tour this year. Kravitz's 22-year-old daughter, Zoe, is also an entertainer.

Kravitz is rumored to be performing a duet with rapper Drake--big news in the music industry because Kravitz has shied away from appearing with other R&B or Rap acts.

Whether viewers agree or disagree with Willow Smith's contribution to Oprah's show on the most talented and smartest kids, she's been offered an opening act tour with Justin Beiber and regardless of what people think, it looks as though she'll capitalize on celebritydom in the music industry for as long and as far it will take her.

Check back later for updates on the Oprah Show featuring the Smartest and Most Talented Kids.

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