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Overweight, obese Americans in denial

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More than half of the obese and overweight in the United States aren’t willing to diet in order to lose weight.

Pollock Communications, a public relations agency specializing in food and nutrition communications and Russell Research surveyed 1,000 Americans on consumer health and nutrition.

Nationally, surveys show that 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. But 52 percent believe that they are overweight or obese. The statistics suggests Americans are in denial about their weight and diet, perhaps because they lack knowledge.

Many of those who admit they’ve got obesity issues and are overweight say they have not changed their diet and eating routines to a healthier menu because it’s too expensive and too hard. 57 percent say that cost is a roadblock to making healthier nutrition and eating choices.

The report states that it costs less to eat healthy than it does to medically correct health problems related to weight. The reality is that healthcare costs are rising. Obesity related healthcare costs are expected to reach $344 billion by 2018. In 2008, healthcare costs as a result of overweight and obese patients were as high as $147 billion. 35 percent say that dieting is too hard and another 35 percent say that the effort to lose weight is too time consuming.

Obesity has been definitively linked to diabetes. Cancer and heart disease are also considered to be results of obesity and being overweight. Airlines are the only corporations giving overweight and obese people flack about their weight.

Bigger vehicles and stretchy fabrics contribute to the obese and overweight population’s weight gain denial, nutrition experts say. The survey found that people between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to underestimate their size, weight and need to diet than those in the 35-54 age population.

The study says that younger people are growing up in an overweight culture and therefore less likely to recognize that they are overweight.

Information is the ideal way to combat excess weight and obesity. But most people are unaware of the amount of calories they should eat daily. Also, husbands play a large role in the health of the family, particularly if the husbands believe that they are not overweight.

Other surveys on nutrition trends and weight showed that most Americans are less concerned with losing weight than they have been in previous years. In fact, overall perception of personal healthfulness is surveyed to be at an all time low.

source: PR Newswire


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the truth of the matter is the doctors sont give a rip just the weight loss doctors thats not enough we need bootcamps for the obese where docs nurses etc are there to help a 30 day progam that way there are taught right from wrong etc until then the people will still suffer get my point

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