Project Runway Finale video: Why did Anya win?

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Why did Anya Chee win Project Runway season 9? What were the judges thinking? And how many fans are really done with the show?

The best explanation why and how Anya Chee won Project Runway Season 9 is that everyone from Heidi Klum to Michael Kors has a bit of a girl crush on Anya. She's pretty, tall, and she's got a fancy vocab interwoven with a really cool British Island accent.

And Anya likes prints.

Project Runway's season finale winner couldn't have been more disappointing for Josh. Josh, love him or leave him, did a great job on the runway. Everything about his show as "cool" in the true sense of the word. Not cool like a tropical breeze in the Bahamas, or Trinidad and Tobago, but cool as in can wear in Manhattan or Kentucky all day everyday.

Many fans expressed disappointment that Viktor (the new Mondo) didn't win. Viktor wasn't in the top two. His sheer fabric, Michael Kors noted, was runway mockery. Whimsically wrapped teens in goth, rock, hard core designs but sheer fabric didn't go over with the judges. Point blank, Viktor's dark side, or his evening looks, really were clothes for juniors with not so conservative parents or parents who don't pay attention.

Kim's collection was the more memorable of the four. Kim's colors were catchy, fresh and new. Even if the patterns weren't totally appealing. Kim is 35, but she comes across on camera a lot younger. On stage as she presented her collection, Kim seemed a bit unsure of herself.

So back to Anya. Why was she there anyway? As far as most watchers are concerned, she shouldn't have been in the finale. She had one design to show the judges and the other two were. Well. Hmm... Really bad.

Anya's runway collection wasn't exactly fun. Anya's collection was more of Anya. So it's a good thing that Anya is so Anya because quite frankly, had she been a mean girl or any other type of runway participant, Anya's collection and her win would be, for lack of better words, hard to swallow. But Anya's so cool. We don't really hate her. We hate that she just learned to sew.

But we love that she passionately put her stuff together at the last minute all season and made it work.

Okay, so back to the serious question. Why did Anya win Project Runway? Words can't really describe it, but the video from Fashion Week does. If we keep in mind that 8 designers showed at Project Runway (remember Bryce, Bert, Laura and Anthony Ryan?) and then pair their work against the four from last night, it's easier to see why Anya won.

Anthony Ryan's bright red and feisty colors matched Kimberly's equally feisty and fun colors. Bert's classic and clean collection made Viktor's work look somewhat week and juvenile.

The only unique perspective on the runway in sandals and espadrilles despite nine similar necklines was Anya's. And Josh's.

Watch for yourself. The 8 final Project Runway contestants at New York Fashion Week this September 2011.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is not a tailoring show, its fashion and she has a unique view. Everybody should stop drinking hatitinis, like josh.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anya could not sew. She could not design anything beyond sheets with v-necks. She cut her models out of clothing. That she was "inspired" at the last minute is just a crap excuse for no talent. Victor was INCREDIBLE at his styling ... breathtaking. Josh had grown so much. Kim can design for the modern woman. And Miss Tropical Dishrags wins?? What american woman wears that kind of crap?? Caftans are for fatties. But PW judges always skip the good desingers for the crappy, no talent ones. Maybe they are paid to keep the gene pool shallow?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love Anya's personality, and considering the amount of challenges she won during the show, the does deserve to win. If Viktor didn't have all those boring black sheer outfits, he would have won. Josh's collection was too over the top, and I agree, not very fashion forward. In the end it was between Anya and Kimberly. However, Kimberly shouldn't have been in fourth place.

Submitted by Poon (not verified) on
I'm skeptical when she walks in with her collection and that she said she has just learnt how to sew... but, after the first few episodes, I know she could turn out to be one of the most original contestants out of all the seasons. Her win maybe controversial but don't you want to see someone who's self taught (she did take some lessons from a private instructor, anyhow), went the unconventional way to discover her passion and of course, someone with a natural great taste level to win? I would. Contrary to most comments here, this season makes me want to continue watching Project Runway again. I'm so tired of season after season people who graduated from famous design school crying in front of the camera saying how much they want this blablabla... how hard they've trained, how well they can sew... YET, who makes ok-ish clothes every episodes, complaining this and that and being a bitch. I think by giving Anya the title, they want to attract more people to come fight for their dream because you can win it if you have the artistry in you (just like American Idol - I love Fantasia & Carrie Underwood). Anya is a natural, and she has that designer's gene inside her. Yes, she can't sew as well as the other 3 persons. Craftmanship is not her strength. She sew people into her garment.... etc. Does that matter? The most important thing of a designer is POINT OF VIEW. I think she has a clear and distinct one. I see the kind of designer she is and I remember what Donna Karen once said in an interview, "I want people walk into my store seeing Donna Karen's perspective on this season." As such, it's not about how well you can make a garment is really on your POV and how you translate that through fashion. Anya has that. Another thing that sets her apart from all the others: THE DO-IT SPIRIT. She would try every means to make it work. She'd go dye a fabric even she don't know a heck of it. She'll go pick up the glue gun instead of sit back and cry in the toilet. She'll not spend time regretting over losing $100 and think of how she can make use of $11.30... etc. She didn't allow ANYTHG to contraint herself/ stand in her way, which makes her special and popular. I bet many "properly educated" designers would lose themselves in such cases because they're not taught/ trained for that. Really... do you think a lot of contestants can get by losing all the budget and also manage to create a look from a hideous white 'bedsheet" and a piece of fabric? Had it not been her taste, she'd have sent home already. Construct and jacket may not be her strength, but she did it during the show and they're great?!! Why would you create something that you don't do well in the finale? I can accept that. While some talk about her strength mainly lies on choosing fabric, print... yes of course, but what's the problem with that? Why everyone has to have those conventional skills? As long as you have the needed skills to translate what you want, they'd be enough. You need not to be jack-of-all-trade to be a successful designer. And well...every designer has his/ her own strength and weaknesses, I don't see anything wrong in focusing MORE on print. Didn't Diane Von Furstenburg started her own line like that?


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