Project Runway Finale video: Why did Anya win?

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Why did Anya Chee win Project Runway season 9? What were the judges thinking? And how many fans are really done with the show?

The best explanation why and how Anya Chee won Project Runway Season 9 is that everyone from Heidi Klum to Michael Kors has a bit of a girl crush on Anya. She's pretty, tall, and she's got a fancy vocab interwoven with a really cool British Island accent.

And Anya likes prints.

Project Runway's season finale winner couldn't have been more disappointing for Josh. Josh, love him or leave him, did a great job on the runway. Everything about his show as "cool" in the true sense of the word. Not cool like a tropical breeze in the Bahamas, or Trinidad and Tobago, but cool as in can wear in Manhattan or Kentucky all day everyday.

Many fans expressed disappointment that Viktor (the new Mondo) didn't win. Viktor wasn't in the top two. His sheer fabric, Michael Kors noted, was runway mockery. Whimsically wrapped teens in goth, rock, hard core designs but sheer fabric didn't go over with the judges. Point blank, Viktor's dark side, or his evening looks, really were clothes for juniors with not so conservative parents or parents who don't pay attention.

Kim's collection was the more memorable of the four. Kim's colors were catchy, fresh and new. Even if the patterns weren't totally appealing. Kim is 35, but she comes across on camera a lot younger. On stage as she presented her collection, Kim seemed a bit unsure of herself.

So back to Anya. Why was she there anyway? As far as most watchers are concerned, she shouldn't have been in the finale. She had one design to show the judges and the other two were. Well. Hmm... Really bad.

Anya's runway collection wasn't exactly fun. Anya's collection was more of Anya. So it's a good thing that Anya is so Anya because quite frankly, had she been a mean girl or any other type of runway participant, Anya's collection and her win would be, for lack of better words, hard to swallow. But Anya's so cool. We don't really hate her. We hate that she just learned to sew.

But we love that she passionately put her stuff together at the last minute all season and made it work.

Okay, so back to the serious question. Why did Anya win Project Runway? Words can't really describe it, but the video from Fashion Week does. If we keep in mind that 8 designers showed at Project Runway (remember Bryce, Bert, Laura and Anthony Ryan?) and then pair their work against the four from last night, it's easier to see why Anya won.

Anthony Ryan's bright red and feisty colors matched Kimberly's equally feisty and fun colors. Bert's classic and clean collection made Viktor's work look somewhat week and juvenile.

The only unique perspective on the runway in sandals and espadrilles despite nine similar necklines was Anya's. And Josh's.

Watch for yourself. The 8 final Project Runway contestants at New York Fashion Week this September 2011.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i'm glad that Anya won. they see potential in Anya and they're right she does have alot of potential. Anya can design, she thinks on her feet especially under pressure and has a great eye for fashion and that's what they like about her.

Submitted by Trini2debone (not verified) on
i agree wit u... she deserve to win she has alot of potential and the judges saw that...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Her "look" can be found in any beach hut in Thailand for $5 or else just wrap/"drape" a sarong on and get the exact same outfit.

Submitted by Y DO YOU WANNA ... (not verified) on
everyone who says anya cant design etc is just upset that she is probaly better than them. she had a very good collection apart from the matching neckline. josh was crazy and everywhere, kim was much too urban and colorful, viktor ummmmmm he doesnt know when something is sexy or just makes you look stupid. so in a short form anya had a very good collection. if you think she doesnt learn to sew in 4 months get yourself on project runway and win it P.S YOU WONT!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I was truly disappointed that neither Kim nor Victor won Project Runway. Kim clothes were new and gave a sparkle to anyone that was wearing her fashion. Victor fashions were item that he never showed before. From hard core black to softer prints and women what to change clothes with the events that they are going to, no one whats to wear black all the time or prints all the time. But what women want to wear a caftan to work or on a date (that going to empress our date?) and how many times do we need to see a v-neck ( eight different time). Nothing new with her everything she did, she has already done before. I am done with the show, but now I am just wondering how many women are going to order anya clothes? I have a feeling she is going to be a flash in the pan. The sad thing about this is that your had talent (damn good talent) and they didn't win. Going to try and find where Victor is selling his clothes. Even if he didn't win I am buying from him.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
UGGGGGGH Bravo will be losing 2 more fans....what a dissapointing season! She was cute for a minute but lets be honest - she won on moo-moos!!!! She hadn't done sh1t in the weeks before the actual run way show and she pulled out of her butt sucked. What a joke to let her go back to mood and redo her WHOLE collection. Viktor was prepared and just lost it with the idle time and should have left his collection alone. Anya should have been eliminated a long time ago and honey, we are not fooled, we can see past your fake facade and lack of caring. She gave up even before the runway show - what a JOKE BRAVO!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Um, the show is on Lifetime now, which may be part of the problem. In any case, I thought the finale was very unsatisfying. I liked Anya just fine as a person; I think her choice of prints was impeccable. That does not her a designer make. I didn't really see fashion forward. If they want to fault Viktor for having four failed sheer designs, I don't know how they can say Anya should win who has the same plunge neckline for every other dress. I'm sad Viktor didn't win. His clothes were beautiful overall and it was his prize to lose (which he did with the sheer shirts and There were some nice pieces in Kim's collection and even Josh's neoprene dresses were nice. Overall, very unsatisfying. And Viktor, wherever you are, I need that mirrored top, pleasssssssse.


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