Project Runway Finale video: Why did Anya win?

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Why did Anya Chee win Project Runway season 9? What were the judges thinking? And how many fans are really done with the show?

The best explanation why and how Anya Chee won Project Runway Season 9 is that everyone from Heidi Klum to Michael Kors has a bit of a girl crush on Anya. She's pretty, tall, and she's got a fancy vocab interwoven with a really cool British Island accent.

And Anya likes prints.

Project Runway's season finale winner couldn't have been more disappointing for Josh. Josh, love him or leave him, did a great job on the runway. Everything about his show as "cool" in the true sense of the word. Not cool like a tropical breeze in the Bahamas, or Trinidad and Tobago, but cool as in can wear in Manhattan or Kentucky all day everyday.

Many fans expressed disappointment that Viktor (the new Mondo) didn't win. Viktor wasn't in the top two. His sheer fabric, Michael Kors noted, was runway mockery. Whimsically wrapped teens in goth, rock, hard core designs but sheer fabric didn't go over with the judges. Point blank, Viktor's dark side, or his evening looks, really were clothes for juniors with not so conservative parents or parents who don't pay attention.

Kim's collection was the more memorable of the four. Kim's colors were catchy, fresh and new. Even if the patterns weren't totally appealing. Kim is 35, but she comes across on camera a lot younger. On stage as she presented her collection, Kim seemed a bit unsure of herself.

So back to Anya. Why was she there anyway? As far as most watchers are concerned, she shouldn't have been in the finale. She had one design to show the judges and the other two were. Well. Hmm... Really bad.

Anya's runway collection wasn't exactly fun. Anya's collection was more of Anya. So it's a good thing that Anya is so Anya because quite frankly, had she been a mean girl or any other type of runway participant, Anya's collection and her win would be, for lack of better words, hard to swallow. But Anya's so cool. We don't really hate her. We hate that she just learned to sew.

But we love that she passionately put her stuff together at the last minute all season and made it work.

Okay, so back to the serious question. Why did Anya win Project Runway? Words can't really describe it, but the video from Fashion Week does. If we keep in mind that 8 designers showed at Project Runway (remember Bryce, Bert, Laura and Anthony Ryan?) and then pair their work against the four from last night, it's easier to see why Anya won.

Anthony Ryan's bright red and feisty colors matched Kimberly's equally feisty and fun colors. Bert's classic and clean collection made Viktor's work look somewhat week and juvenile.

The only unique perspective on the runway in sandals and espadrilles despite nine similar necklines was Anya's. And Josh's.

Watch for yourself. The 8 final Project Runway contestants at New York Fashion Week this September 2011.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dont get me wrong, I adore Anya, and loved her designs the entire season, still do, but i also was shocked last night. However i think the win, was redemption for Mondo's loss last season, since he was clearly the fan's favorite. But I do also believe in what the judges were saying about Anya branding potential, I agree 100% with them on that, her vision and design's are so unique and completely hers. I believe she will go far, a ton of women love these looks, WE LOVE MAXI'S...point blank and period!

Submitted by VeraC (not verified) on
The people who said Anya deserved to win are giving such bad reasons why she should have. I don't think she deserved it at all. While I find her pieces were nice and different (I don't hate the poor girl, she's like, 29), from the POINT where she let another girl sew her collar in one of the shows I was INFURIATED. I'm a Trinidadian (Very very veryyy small island where she is from) and it was disappointing to see that she went up there absolutely clueless. They gave her SUCH a huge edge and the judges kept feeling sorry for her. She should have been DISQUALIFIED the moment that happened. Even though it was small, I mean let's pretend I was Givenchy, would I f*cking run to Christian Dior to help me with a bag I couldn't SEW? Very unprofessional. They based her a LOT on her background and story. Anthoney Ryan worked so hard and so did Viktor. An UTTER shame that Anya had to win! I hope Viktor becomes a far better designer than her in the long run however, I can she Anya being very easily forgotton.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am American ..... and I love Anya's designs doesn't matter where you are from ..... I thoroughly enjoyed Anya's quick thinking on her feet and her fabulous designs. By the way, Givenchy and Christian Dior are probably knocking on her door to design new lines for them, which their professional seamstresses will sew .... :) Anya has proven the doomsayers wrong from the beginning and she will continue to rise and shine above all the petty and catty remarks for a very long time. just saying......

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Totally agree. I like her clothes, and I do admit Anya has many great thoughts as a designer. But considering the only thing she can actually make (and almost the only thing she had made) are dresses and jumpsuit, it seems to me that she being chosen as winner is totally INSAME. Being a loyal fan on project runway, I remember how Michael Kors and Heidi always complaining about not seeing VARIETY in some designer's clothes as the reason to kick them out though out all these seasons and now they made Anya the winner?! I mean, she really don't deserve it. I'm just shock right now. I really don't understand Why did the judges just LOVE HER so much that even on the ep. 12 that she made 3 dresses for all the 3 looks while the challenge stated that variety is important and she still got away. Everything just come so easy for her. I really don't get that. Isn't project runway suppose to find the next great designer? I've never hear a great designer only made dresses and jumpsuit.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anya seems to be a nice person with a chic style, and I would be very comfortable wearing her brand if that is what it represents.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anya seems to be a nice person with a chic style. I would be happy to wear her brand if that is what it represents.

Submitted by Runway Fan (not verified) on
I love Anya and so happy she won. She is a true designer, has great taste, knows what style is--- she is not gimmicky at all. I 100% agree with the judges and they are on the mark with Anya winning this season. She was the best designer. It is about original design and style and Anya has "IT".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I was so disappointed to see Anya win last night. They really did favor her all season long. There was one episode where the Asian dude with the accent was voted off, where Anya should have went. Her pants were all WoNkEy and sh1t. I mean the zipper in the back didn't even close and there was a big gap of skin on the model that was showing. This season was super-weak. Maybe the viewers should be the judge and be able to vote, ah hell, I don't know. This just doesn't seem right.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT! Yes, Anya is a "cool" girl. She has taste. So she should be a fashion editor. While once in a while she had a good design, by fluke or luck or perhaps a great memory from some fashion she previously modeled for, she rarely showed more than one simple draped design with a plunge neck. Give her an award for styling and best spoken designer, sure. As far as her eye for print - amazing -but then the print makers are really the ones who should be getting awarded, not her. Viktor had an amazing print - and guess what, he designed it HIMSELF!!! Between the other three designers, I would not qualify myself as to make a decision but I do have an uncredentialed opinion and therefore I would have accepted either of their wins. But seeing Anya win, made me think this was a repeat of high-school, where popularity and personal beauty is awarded more than talent. Shame on the judges... perhaps they were simply bought out because they were clearly not cut to make decisions with any kind of consistency or integrity. I will not buy any of her designs because I won't have an occasion to wear them to and if I did, I'd wait to get where I'm going and buy something authentic from the country I was visiting. An Anya bag? She never made anything but a draped dress, I would have NO idea what anything else she'd design would look like. Many designers have a good eye for prints AND diversity in their designs. As for next season... I watch for the zest of creative challenges and the passion one sees the contestants embark on a time limit... I have learned not to watch for the competition because it is clearly rigged to those who fit some behind the scenes funding secret that we, as audience members, don't get to see on the runway or the workroom. Tim Gun is the most honest one out there. Listen to his opinion because its the only one worth a damn.


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