Project Runway Finale video: Why did Anya win?

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Why did Anya Chee win Project Runway season 9? What were the judges thinking? And how many fans are really done with the show?

The best explanation why and how Anya Chee won Project Runway Season 9 is that everyone from Heidi Klum to Michael Kors has a bit of a girl crush on Anya. She's pretty, tall, and she's got a fancy vocab interwoven with a really cool British Island accent.

And Anya likes prints.

Project Runway's season finale winner couldn't have been more disappointing for Josh. Josh, love him or leave him, did a great job on the runway. Everything about his show as "cool" in the true sense of the word. Not cool like a tropical breeze in the Bahamas, or Trinidad and Tobago, but cool as in can wear in Manhattan or Kentucky all day everyday.

Many fans expressed disappointment that Viktor (the new Mondo) didn't win. Viktor wasn't in the top two. His sheer fabric, Michael Kors noted, was runway mockery. Whimsically wrapped teens in goth, rock, hard core designs but sheer fabric didn't go over with the judges. Point blank, Viktor's dark side, or his evening looks, really were clothes for juniors with not so conservative parents or parents who don't pay attention.

Kim's collection was the more memorable of the four. Kim's colors were catchy, fresh and new. Even if the patterns weren't totally appealing. Kim is 35, but she comes across on camera a lot younger. On stage as she presented her collection, Kim seemed a bit unsure of herself.

So back to Anya. Why was she there anyway? As far as most watchers are concerned, she shouldn't have been in the finale. She had one design to show the judges and the other two were. Well. Hmm... Really bad.

Anya's runway collection wasn't exactly fun. Anya's collection was more of Anya. So it's a good thing that Anya is so Anya because quite frankly, had she been a mean girl or any other type of runway participant, Anya's collection and her win would be, for lack of better words, hard to swallow. But Anya's so cool. We don't really hate her. We hate that she just learned to sew.

But we love that she passionately put her stuff together at the last minute all season and made it work.

Okay, so back to the serious question. Why did Anya win Project Runway? Words can't really describe it, but the video from Fashion Week does. If we keep in mind that 8 designers showed at Project Runway (remember Bryce, Bert, Laura and Anthony Ryan?) and then pair their work against the four from last night, it's easier to see why Anya won.

Anthony Ryan's bright red and feisty colors matched Kimberly's equally feisty and fun colors. Bert's classic and clean collection made Viktor's work look somewhat week and juvenile.

The only unique perspective on the runway in sandals and espadrilles despite nine similar necklines was Anya's. And Josh's.

Watch for yourself. The 8 final Project Runway contestants at New York Fashion Week this September 2011.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Im actually really surprised by all the Kim/Victor lovers. I thought Victor was going to win until he scrapped half of his collection and replaced it with slutty goth looks. Bad move. And I'm sorry but Kim's collection, apart from a few pieces, was fugly. That bubble skirt? Ugh. I like her but most of that collection was no good. It was totally down to Anya and Josh, and while I love Anya and want to wear almost every single piece she designed on the show, I do agree that I thought Josh (minus those icky green shorts) should win. But I'm glad it was one of those two. And I am seriously buying everything of Anya's I can get my hands on.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anya was always sewing the designs on the models. Poor, poor time management. She lost money in one early episode because she didn't carry a purse or wallet, and was redeemed by Anthony Rodgers, who gave her around $11.00. Her collection didn't feature anything wearable to the office, strolling through the park, afternoon at the mall -clothing for real women. Kimberly pulled it together and had an awesome collection. Viktor was great throughout but missed on a few outfits. They were both robbed by this beauty queen and the rigged competition.

Submitted by What the hell w... (not verified) on
Heidi, Michael, Nina thanks but it’s time to go the workroom and clean out your space. You guys just messed up SOOOOOO bad! Seriously I’m done. I have been a fan since the beginning. I’m secretly dying to be on the show but don’t want to lose because I’m not that great at sewing. However, after seeing this episode I think I stand an amazing chance. Anya is good at prints and that is IT! Anyone can make a beach dress. It reminds of the on sale aisle at Kmart. Victor is the winner by a long shot. He had 3 looks that were not good but the designs of the rest of his collection were brilliant. He shined through the riff raft and was greatly over looked. He is an expert tailor and just as good at picking out prints! I’m done with the show forever. Michael Kors, how could you?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
"auf wiedersehen" - I doubt if you care Heidi, but count me as one more viewer you just lost. This is at least the second season finale where the judges spent more time justifying their decision rather than actually, honestly judging. Remember season 8 and Gretchen? And now Anya. It's an insult to all of us who kept coming back. I no longer trust the three judges to be honest or fair. Integrity and credibility plunged deeper than Anya's one-note necklines. Heidi, Michael & Nina... hope you're proud of yourselves. You most certainly did NOT make it work.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm so happy Anya won. So she's isn't the most experienced seamtress. She still designed and styled her models. I think designing is the biggest part of the show. She designs clothing that most women would want to wear. Congratulations, Anya! Well done.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
this show has turned into such a JOKE. honestly, the season finale shocked me (which it probably shouldn't have, as I'm sure the winner was decided from the get go). Viktor's line was incredibly well constructed, and without a doubt he should have been the winner. Don't like Josh's attitude at all, but he was rightfully placed in second. I haven't seen a truly good season since Christian Sirriano's win. Absolutely unbelievable that Anya won. Sure she had the personality, she seems like a lovely person. Design wise? with the exception of her first look, completely underwhelming. Project Runway has without a doubt turned into a typical reality sad.

Submitted by WTF Happened (not verified) on
I know why Anya won - and it wasn't just because of the girl crush. The show is now on Lifetime - a cable network aimed specifically at women. When it was on Bravo, a network known for its edgy off-the-wall shows, we had a variety of good winners on Project Runway. Now, on Lifetime, not so much. This entire season we all know who was consistently good and that was Viktor. He, by all rights, should have won. His final collection was yards and yards (pun intended) away from the best of the four we saw (not fair to compare him or any of the other three to the four also-rans); his collection was smartly constructed, innovative, fabulous originality, and very sellable. As for the rest, meh. Josh is one of the most laughable narcissists they've had on PR in a long time, and I have no idea who would wear his clothes much less be impressed with his "color palette." Maybe Walmart customers in Alabama - all that pukey pink and bleech green; I mean, who the hell wears those crap colors? Oh, yeah, my mother in 1965. And Kim, bless her, she tries but she had only two good dresses in her runway show - the short metallic and the black slinky number. As for Anya, come on. As others mentioned, it was Uli all over again without the talent and sewing ability. Nice patterns, but she was so one-note all season long. There is no real explanation as to why she won other than - the show was moved to Lifetime and Lifetime wanted a cutesy and engaging female winner. This was the weakest PR season ever. The only one to be consistent and to shine all season was VIKTOR. To have him come in third - THIRD? Are you kidding me? - proves Project Runway has finally not only jumped networks, but the shark as well. Fail, Heidi and the Weinsteins. You, too, Lifetime.

Submitted by Jenna (not verified) on
Okay I was a totally an Anya lover in the beginning but the finale sicken me, SICKEN ME! I mean honestly this has to be the biggest joke of all time. Okay we all knew that Mondo should have won last season and I was upset with Gretchen's win, but at least I could understand it. Anya.. come on really ANYA?!? There is a reason she has only sewn dresses, or flowing jumpers, and i guess now a bathing suit- she can't do anything else. They write it off as her point of view, but can't we all call it like it is and that is an OBVIOUS lack of talent. Okay so I think we now all can agree the judges are thus incompetent is selecting who the winner should be, I call for a reforming of the show. After the Mercedes Benz fashion show, they score each designers' collection with a score of one to ten and critique each. Then it is up to the pulic to decide which collection they liked the best and the combination of the two determines the winner. Yes this just like Dancing with the Stars, but they are designing for the masses right, so why shouldn't they let the masses decide? This will make the show more interesting and hopefully get back some of the thousands of viewers they lost with the worst selection of a winner in Project Runway history!

Submitted by sprockets (not verified) on
There are probably things Anya could do well could do well, but sewing and designing are NOT on the list. Actual talent was in short supply this season, and if I'd been in charge I would have sent everyone but Viktor home. This show has clearly become a popularity contest, and that sucks.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Congratulations to Anya. I do think her win had to do with the whole package. Her maturity and grace under pressure as well as concern and compassion for others is amazing given her history. Her eye for design and fashion is unmistakable and could be seen in what she wore and how she styled herself everyday on that show. In the finale Josh's design was a little over the top (although believing in his designs did pay off), he still needs to edit and Victor although I thought he had the most skill, didn't believe in his own eye for design, he tried to please the judges and it backfired. I didn't really get Kim's point of view, but I appreciate that a lot people do. Congratulations again to Anya, she truly represented the best of herself, her family, Trinidad and Tobago and the larger Caribbbean


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