Project Runway: Heidi Klum's Babies R Us Collection

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Last night’s Project Runway featured a first-designing babysitters.

The remaining six “Project Runway” Season 10 designers were challenged to design an outfit for toddlers. The contest chose two winners, one for boys and the other for girls. The designers spent their first day of their challenge designing with toy babies that cried when wet, unhappy, hungry or sleepy.

Christopher Palu won. Again. Last week, he stole hearts and minds of judges with his Rockette design. Christopher said he poured his feelings about being in New York City into his design. His Rockette costume with New York’s cityscape (Empire State building et al) won. The Rockettes will wear his design in their upcoming shows.

Tthe baby challenge for Klum’s baby collection, Truly Scrumptious, marked the end for Elena, the avant garde designer who, over all the other designers present and gone, has had the toughest time with judges on “Project Runway”.

Rarely did Elena design and sew garments that judges particularly liked. This time, for the baby challenge, Elena’s jacket was nice and innovative enough. But Nina Garcia didn’t like the ruffled collar for a toddler. The rest of the judges disagreed with the pink and green color combination that Elena used for the pants and shirt.

Elena was sent home and even though she’s been one of the more, if not the most abrasive talking designer on the show ever, she gracefully accepted elimination and vowed to continue doing what she does: innovate.

For two weeks in a row now, “Project Runway” has met with fabric challenges at Mood. Last week, for the Rockettes challenge, Ven and Sonjia complained that Mood didn’t have the fabrics they were looking for.

For that Rockettes challenge, Tim Gunn folded and gave the designers more money and a second trip to Mood. Venn didn’t utilize the offer. Instead he stayed in the workroom and finished his design. In the end, the judges really didn’t like his boring ice blue dress.

Ven Belhu’s elimination was a real wake up call for the remaining designers. Sonjia knew she had to “bring it hard” because her work in the Rockettes challenge was dismissed as a “Turkey Fest”. Sonjia, either deliberately or inadvertently channeled Josephine Baker costumes. Nina Garcia didn’t like at all and told Sonjia, “You have to think.” Too many feathers on a row full of Rockettes equaled “Turkey Fest”.

Sonjia was in the bottom three last week, but escaped elimination because Elena’s ice skating costume was incredibly “tacky” according to judges. But Ven couldn’t remain with the rest of the designers because once his “origami” designs were taken away, Ven’s palette was too simple and far too subtle for the judges to appreciate.

Project Runway is down to the final four. Melissa has scraped by the last two challenges with help from the other designers. Her peers say she doesn’t focus. Melissa lagged so far behind that she had a mom of one of the baby models sewing buttons on her outfit.

Melissa’s outfit, a white cocktail dress and a black jacket with cute kid designs, didn’t flatter the judges, but they didn’t hate it either.

Interestingly, after Sonjia wowed the judges a few challenges back with a beautiful jacket, many of the designers have skated and avoided elimination by including a jacket with their design.

Christopher and Sonjia’s designs for toddlers are on sale on line today for Klum’s Truly Scrumptious collection at Babies R Us.

image courtesy: Lifetime/"Project Runway"

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