Real Housewives of Atlanta cast proves people can change

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On last year's RHOA reunion episodes, Kim Zolciak-Biermann swore she wasn't evicted. Marlo Hampton was talking much about nothing and Kim forced Marlo into submission.

Yet, this season, every other word out of Kim's mouth is that they're homeless because they are being evicted. Sweetie warns Kim over and over not to say that, but Kim says it repeatedly anyway. Finally the truth is out there. Kim and Kroy simply weren't interested in paying $3 million for a house worth $2 million and that is fair enough, but one would think that Kim and Kroy would have had their appraisal done before they went through the brouhaha of decorating and landscaping.

Typical Zolciak silliness. So much so that this season's triumphantly wedded Zolciak is appearing a lot like the typical football wife with nothing on the brain except food, sex and a lot of money. The more things change?

Interestingly, however, Kroy Biermann is kicking it with the Falcons and doing really well for his team. Married life has really put fire under Kroy's feet and his athleticism on the field doesn't go unnoticed. Biermann is crucial for the Falcons, even if that wasn't the case last year. The Falcons were undefeated for much of the season, not many teams can say that this season.

Biermann's wife Kim is, again this season, pregnant with another child. Her pregnancy alienates her from the rest of the Atlanta housewife socialites and it's a good thing, perhaps because Kim is still running away from the new NeNe. And inside of the ATL circles, the Kim and NeNe war has always been a deeply divided class and race issue.

Next week, there'll be drama between Cynthia and Phaedra. Phaedra may talk her way out of it, or she may not. But Cynthia's sure to go back and regurgitate it all to bff NeNe. As much as cameras are proving that NeNe's changed, the same scenario plays out pretty much the same every season: Nene begins as the lovable girlfriend everyone wants to hang around. And then she does something irreconcilably mean.

Maybe this season will be different, but so far, it's fun being a part of NeNe's fanfare as she travels both coasts. Nene at the Gay Pride parade was cool. But NeNe Leakes on the subway with bff Cynthia in NYC was cooler because of the band of young students who recognized her as "Glee" coach, rather than NeNe Leakes, Bravo reality star.

Last week on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Cynthia Bailey asked Kenya Moore if she was crowned before or after Vanessa Williams. For the record, as much as we love Vanessa Williams, Vanessa's turning 50 in March. Kenya rolled her eyes at Cynthia and her bff NeNe Leakes gave Cynthia props for "reading" people.

Reading, as in assessing body language, and the ins and outs of really getting under one's skin.

Last night's RHOA introduced viewers to Porsha Williams Stewart, Hosea Williams granddaughter and ex NFL player Kordell Stewart's wife. Kenya rolled her eyes with jealousy at Porsha and Porsha's hubby. Apparently the two really love each other and it's all too mushy to be believed. Green eyed with envy, Kenya found a way out of Porsha's fundraising event. Porsha's granddad worked closely with Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement. So far, Porsha's not really likable, but neither is Kenya.

Furthermore, Porsha's not 30 yet and Kenya's eggs are as old as she is (41), and as nice of a guy as Kenya's boyfriend seems, Kenya doesn't seem nice enough to be his girlfriend. Much less his wife or the mother of anymore of his kids.

There was a time in "Real Housewives of Atlanta" history that viewers didn't think NeNe Leakes would ever be a nice or reasonable person. Viewers didn't believe she was anything other than the stereotypical, angry, African American woman. But after NeNe met goals and dreams above and beyond her expectations, divorced the guy who wasn't in her corner, and surrounded herself with promising and feel good endeavors, NeNe changed.

And the change, so far is dramatic. NeNe even smiled at Kim at a celebration thrown by bff Cynthia. Of course, Cynthia couldn't shine at her own event for NeNe because Kenya took the microphone and made a speech. It's not clear if Kenya's been paid big dollars to ruffle Cynthia's bourgeoisie feathers, of if Kenya's simply mental in need of a diagnosis. Either way, a long time ago, NeNe was that woman who behaved similarly to Kenya. And boy are we glad that NeNe is gone.

NeNe was so outrageous, so unable to control herself with people who angered and disappointed her (Kim Zolciak, Dwight Eubanks, and eventually ex-husband Greg), that fans accused NeNe of a number of atrocities.

This season, NeNe's embraced the Phoenix within and, so far, has little time for drama. Fortunately, Leakes she has a lot of time for fans. Leakes did a pride parade in Los Angeles. And that was fun. But it was more fun watching NeNe on the subway where a group of young aspiring actors recognized her from Glee versus The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Talk about Redemption. No one deserves it more than NeNe but NeNe's soured relationships before the fame were longstanding friendships that were torn apart when the fame hit.

It's not too different from the ruckus that New Jersey's Teresa Giudice endures with her housewives cast. Difference being, Leakes' deepest antagonist, Sheree Whitfield, was axed from the series.

NeNe and Greg are on some sort of road to reconciliation and watching them together is, hands down, a lot more fun and reminiscent of season one when the show first began. Greg and NeNe together again are also a huge contrast to Kim Zolciak Biermann's relationship with her husband Kroy.

Take Home Message:

Everyone is capable of change. And sometimes that change begins by letting go of old friends and family who hurt with their words and inability to let go. In a perfect world, those who oppose us and our capabilities are released from our circles and banned by security. That perfect world is NeNe's where Kim and Sheree are no longer traveling in the circles that NeNe's built.

In a false world, the world that we create for ourselves in vanity and false pride, we have to build an offensive team to bully and deter our opposition. That false world belongs to Kenya Moore right now.

And if there is any good in Bravo's Atlanta franchise, the producers and writers will work to transform and change Kenya into a positive and inspiring woman. They did it with NeNe Leakes, after all.

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I think people can change, and Nene is a perfect example of that but we have to remember Nene did not start off as a vile mean character, in fact she was the opposite and that’s why fans embraced her so quickly. Kenya has started off the season being mean and if she continues spewing hatred viewers will be quick to dismiss her. I was talking about this episode with my co-worker from DISH and at this point we both kind of miss Sheree. It appears next week is going to be filled with more drama, so I set my DISH Hopper to record it. There is over 400 hours of HD recording room to give me plenty of space to DVR the rest of the season. I think there is hope for Kenya if she makes it on for another season.

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