Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards strong and sober

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Faye Resnick, whose claim to fame is a friendship with the late Nicole Brown Simpson, chumped Brandi Glanville at Kyle's dinner party.

In real time, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' latest drama took place over the summer when Donna Summer died. Brandi said something gossipy about Paul and Adrienne Maloof at Mauricio's party.

Mauricio is Kyle's husband and Kyle can't defend herself without cowardice against anyone but her sister Kim.

So Kyle hires attack dog Faye to sit in on a Housewives dinner party. Kyle also invited an especially elegant Hollywood wife who couldn't get a word in because Faye bullied her too.

Talk about a pitbull in lipstick.

More interesting than Brandi's drama with confusing Adrienne is Kim's recovery.

Kim is so much more beautiful and alive when she is away from her sister Kyle's sneaky facetiousness. Kim called it right when she pointed out that Kyle knew full well Brandi would blow it when asked about Adrienne at Sur.

To quote Kim, Kyle lit a match on an explosive when she asked Brandi about her tiff with Adrienne.

Kyle tried to blame Kim for the drama at Mauricio's. And again, Kim came back strong.

Paul is responsible for his behavior and his reaction at the party. How Paul reacted, Kim said, is Paul's decision.

It's actually quite disturbing that Kyle is so very comfortable blaming Kim and lashing out at Kim when Paul and Adrienne could have and should have been the bigger reality stars. Paul pointing fingers in Brandi's face and calling her names was not cool. Not in New York, Atlanta, Orange County or Beverly Hills.

Even better than the ease that Kim Richards brushed off her nagging sister Kyle the cowardly lion (lying), is that Kim dissed Kyle on a Vegas trip with her son Chad, Kyle's nephew.

It's family tradition apparently, that Kim and Kyle take their kids in Vegas on their 21st birthdays. Kyle was told her nephew wasn't into Vegas and presumably was not going.

With her daughters in the gym, Kim for the first time ever on the show, looked fab. Kim's daughters also trusted that Kim would stay sober on the Vegas getaway because she's been doing too well to relapse.

From what cameras have shown, Kim's doing quite well without Kyle in her corner. Kim won't succumb to Kyle's tendency to attack, blame and shame Kim. A sober Kim is a strong Kim. Furthermore, Kyle more than any housewife on the show needs a serious reality check. Kyle is far too busy snooping around in everyone else's lives to realize she needs to fill her house with roses because Kyle has a rather odorous and offensive skunky little personality. But Kyle doesn't see that.

Take Home Message:

Reality television is not a medium for average people interested in starring in their own shows. Reality television is for actors.

People, regardless of how wealthy, who agree to do reality television make the same agreement that celebrities do with their private lives once they become famous. They give up their personal lives to paparazzi and fans.

There is no bartering fame, money or privacy. Publicity is the high price people pay for fame. If Adrienne Maloof can't handle it, she should go.

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