Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: No Apologies

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It is clear, after several seasons in various cities of Bravo's real housewives, that when cast members are in unhappy marriages, their relationships with the other women deteriorate.

It is clear, after several seasons in various cities of Bravo's real housewives, that when cast members are fighting or discontent inside of their marriages, their relationships with the other women deteriorate.

Because Lisa Vanderkamp is an extremely wealthy woman, wealthy enough to keep house-guests free of charge for twelve months or more without seriously disrupting her household, Adrienne's accusations of selling stories to the tabloids was New Jersey ridiculous.

But what was clear to fans in the months after that reunion episode was that Adrienne and Paul apparently weren't all that happy. They filed for divorce after season one.

No Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan believes Lisa sold stories to tabloids as Adrienne claimed. All real housewives fans are wondering why Adrienne made the claim.

Fans emailed Adrienne, hit her up on Twitter, but still there wasn't any retraction or apology to Lisa. Lisa was totally mortified by Adrienne's accusations last season- so much so that Lisa used the "F" word. Lisa's vocabulary regularly sends viewers with high school diplomas or less to the dictionary.

The unfortunate facet about the tiff between Lisa and Adrienne is that both women are fan favorites. Both women represent Beverly Hills and the corporate elite work ethic with dignity, grace and a sense of humor. Lisa and Adrienne aren't speaking right now which is a losing situation for some viewers.

Yet other viewers wholeheartedly enjoy Lisa's burgeoning friendship with Brandi Glanville. Lisa's especially funny, flirty and bad girl side emerges with Brandi who built a relationship with Lisa with an expressed admiration for Lisa's husband Ken. Brandi, incidentally, hasn't started the season off very well. She mentioned that Beverly Hills was a small town and said something about her many sleeping partners.

Taylor has run off with that blunder of Brandi's like a child with cookies and candy running through the galleria. But Taylor resents Brandi's accusation that Taylor was a mega drama queen who exaggerated the extent of Russell's abuse. As Beverly Hills' episodes rerun, Taylor, well before Russell's suicide, clearly expressed concern and sadness about what she described as Russell's deep dark side. Taylor wanted to pull Russell out of that dark place, but had no idea how. After Russell's suicide, Taylor published a book.

And it's a good thing because part of Russell's depression was linked to his financial despair. Taylor's success with publishing is also a good thing because Bravo tends to reward housewives with new careers, or accelerate their already established careers.

With Camille Grammar gone, and the new former model, married to a music mogul mom and housewife on the scene, Kyle's status with fans remains unchanged. Fans either love Kyle or hate her. Some find Kyle refreshing and real, while others find her rude and obnoxious.

What remains certain, however, is Kyle's marriage to Mauricio is enviable and has been through a couple of destroyed marriages on the Beverly Hills show. Camille found Kyle's happiness with Mauricio enviable, Taylor wished for a happy husband, and now Adrienne's having a hard time with her staunchest ally, and at the root of it may be her collapsing marriage.

Fans have commented that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn't as dramatic or exciting as other Housewives shows. That may or may not be true depending on one's taste for drama and the way drama is handled among friends. If there is one thing to really like about the Beverly Hills Housewives is that they find a way to get along and their backbiting is minimal. They've all entered the series who they are and fame hasn't rearranged them or their lifestyles.

Take Home Message:

Friends don't bother friends with idle gossip. Adrienne's relationship with Lisa appears destroyed, at least for now, because Adrienne had conversations with people who gossip and moreover, earn a living from high celebrity gossip. When friends, family and coworkers get caught up in a whirlwind of gossip, and then repeat that gossip without verifying any or a portion of its truth, very bad and hurtful events snowball into avalanches.

It's much easier to apologize to friend that means much and will be missed in the event of an potentially irreconcilable difference. The alternative is polarizing and many call it childish. However, children forget and forgive far easier and far faster than most adults do.

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