Real Housewives of New Jersey: Who's right and who's wrong?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are angry at Teresa but each has a big role in the wrecked season finale that cast suspicion on Melissa Gorga's past.

Jacqueline Laurita knew that Teresa Giudice was unhappy about Melissa and Kathy starring on the show. Yet, Jacqueline Laurita kept that secret until the end of this season. Two seasons worth of secrets under Jack’s belt.

Caroline Manzo doesn’t like that Teresa said she (Caroline) is “as Italian as the Olive Garden.” She really shouldn’t like the way Teresa slammed her at last season’s reunion when Teresa said, “I’m one hundred percent Italian” in Italian to Caroline.

But Caroline really needs to go back and watch the footage. Caroline has mad, crazy snide remarks about people who don’t appreciate Italian culture and Italian cuisine. As a matter of fact, Caroline thinks that people out in Arkansas wouldn’t like real pasta.

(Hey, I’m in Arkansas and I don’t like real, Italian homemade pasta, but that’s only because I ate it in Tuscany for six days in row).

I’m not sure how Caroline would know what people in Arkansas like. But my guess is Caroline is the one who really doesn’t like homemade Italian pasta. It's definitely tastes much different from those ragu sticks in a box at the local grocer’s.

Teresa isn’t fooling anyone. Most viewers think she had something to do with the “set up.” But to Teresa’s credit, most fans forgive Teresa for not being the sharpest tool in the shed. It is hard and cruel to think that revenge is the best and only game Teresa knows.

But the fact is, that mess at the Gorga baby christening was nothing short of unforgivable. Teresa worked through it on camera and found a nice place with his brother and sister-in-law this season. But in the mean time and in between time, Teresa ignored the heck out of Kathy.

In the end, revenge was Teresa’s dish and indeed it was served cold. Melissa looked guilty and ashamed as Angelo stood at her table.

Even worse, Melissa refused to admit from where she knew Angelo (which was really hard to believe). Equally confusing was Melissa’s belief without any proof that Teresa was responsible for the “set up.”

But even more confusing than all of that was the anonymous texter who told Jacqueline Laurita that there would be major drama at Posche that night. If Jacqueline knew this, she was obligated to say something.

To know and not tell is the same as lying.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Episode airs Sunday night on Bravo: 10 pm EST.

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Teresa is delusional! This woman has caused so many problems with her anger tantrums (table turning, etc.) and foul mouth that only she can say that SHE was the victim. She pretty much has hurt every person in the cast but blames everyone else for the conflicts. She also refuses to accept or believe that she's in any trouble with the law since she filed for bankruptcy when she doesn't think she has to give any of her earnings back and they (she and her embarrassing husband) keep spending money like it grows on trees. Bring back Danielle!!

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