The Real Housewives of Orange County: More Money Problems

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The money problems and foreclosures continue on the “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Slade Smiley’s mother is worried about her son’s finances and employment outlook. She even suggested Slade try law school. Alexis modeled her couture cocktail and party dress line at the St. Regis hotel and the set was so smoking hot, she literally set off the fire alarms with a fog machine. The machine blew smoke into the overheard fire alarms. Fortunately the sprinkler systems didn't go off.

Alexis also sat down for a heart to heart with Peggy. Alexis didn’t mention financial troubles to Peggy, but she did tell Peggy that Jim wasn’t into hanging with the housewives cast anymore. And it’s funny that Peggy and Alexis are complete to total nemesis right now. TMZ reports that Peggy Tanous’s home has also gone into foreclosure. The Tanouses have filed a lawsuit against their mortgage lending banks in response to the foreclosure. Last night there was a great pan shot of Peggy's home exterior. It looks like a classic chalet in the Swiss Alps, a bit of a departure of the modern tastes of Vicki, Jenna and even Tamra and Gretchen.

Hands down, the only financially stable housewife is OG Vicki whose green-eyed envy of Tamra is definitively leading her on toward divorce. Last week, Vicki revealed that her husband, Don, the man she swept away on the beach and remarried the season prior isn’t so great of a guy. Don called his wife the b-word at Peggy’s dinner party at the dinner table. Last night Vicki explained that Don drank too much at the party and she wasn’t “over it.”

But then Vicki goes off wine tasting with Tamra and Peggy and does the same, if not worse. She jumps up in childish and ignorant glee when the Puerto Rican director of a wine house in Temecula greets them. Vicki is excited because the guy is dark and Tamra likes dark men. What’s more, Vicki calls the man a Mexican. But he’s not Mexican, he’s Puerto Rican he tells her. Vicki looks like a big country goof, with roots somewhere deep in Arkansas. And then she pulls a Cynthia, from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and breaks down in the middle of girl fun. Vicki's unhappy with Don. Don didn’t want children when they first married so she tied her tubes and now it’s too late.

Heartbreaking, indeed. It may even explain why Vicki is such a workaholic, but it doesn’t explain how, after so many seasons, this is a new issue with Vicki and Donn, when they’ve had so many over the years.

Whom the cap fits, let them wear it. And Tamra sure worked her cowboy hat last night when she sat down to talk to Fernanda about their kiss. In an oddly impossible way, it really does look like Tamra did not lead Fernanda on. Fernanda had a crush, and was under the mistaken impression that Tamra would explore her curiosity further in a lesbian relationship. But, Tamra’s blunder about most lesbians not looking like Fernanda was almost, but not quite, as backwards and backwoods as Vicki’s comments to the Puerto Rican guy who had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting up with Vicki in a moment so politically incorrect that Tamra’s tequila body shots look almost angelic.


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Vicki Gunvalson - aka Miss Piggy. She should hunt down the dr. who gave her that crazy nose job.

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