RHOA Phaedra struggles with Whitney Houston death and African Safari

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While the world awaits toxicology reports on Whitney Houston’s official cause of death, the Real Housewives of Atlanta are still in South Africa.

And after last night’s episode, Phaedra Parks sat with Andy Cohen and Gloria Estefan on "Watch What Happens Live." Parks stumbled through a difficult question on Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Cohen wanted to know if Parks agreed that Brown brought Whitney down. If he was responsible for Houston’s downfall into drugs and addiction.

Phaedra mumbled and stumbled and eventually found it. Parks said that end of the day, Whitney was an adult. They both (Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston) are adults. Parks said she loves both Brown and Houston. She also said that she knew Whitney Houston was saved when she died, and that’s all that matters.

So while the the Real Housewives of Atlanta are on vacay with Marlo, they’re slowly losing it. Each housewife has conceded in confessional that Marlo Hampton is crazy, loud, rude and obnoxious. Phaedra and Kandi thought Marlo looked like a Solid Gold Dancer. Solid Gold is almost before Kandi’s time.

It was a hilarious moment of laughing at Marlo right behind and below her back. A good example of what happens to adult bullies once they’ve made their noise and their messes.
Marlo tried to get the best of Sheree, but it didn’t happen. Sheree was all smiles at a pretty nice dinner party held in her honor. To quote Kandi, “Sheree’s pretty good at ignoring people.”

It’s a good thing. While Marlo called Sheree unattractive, the very next day, Marlo whined about needed a make-up artist. But she could use a Cher wig.

Cynthia said she was embarrassed by Marlo and NeNe. And it is good that Marlo finally has embarrassed Cynthia. Because Cynthia wasn’t embarrassed about the rue on the stairs (that Cynthia instigated). Cynthia was embarrassed when NeNe and Marlo went out on safari in Jimmy Choos.

Cynthia didn’t embark on the South Africa trip with much foresight. Clearly the smalls were eager to visit South Africa for the experience, not the cameras. So Cynthia’s disappointment is funny. Cynthia has no one to blame but herself. She chose her friends unwisely.

And while Marlo bullies with her mouth and her size, Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree have mad jokes about Cynthia’s relationship with NeNe. Suddenly, they can see NeNe and Cynthia breaking up because Marlo requires a lot attention.

I doubt that NeNe will be able to tolerate Marlo much longer. For one thing, NeNe likes being the star of the Housewives show, no matter how reluctant of a Housewives superstar she is.

Next week, NeNe may just tap a Kandi nerve when Kim’s name comes up. Not sure where or how Kim fits into a conversation in South Africa, thousands of miles away from Atlanta.
But at least something has shut Marlo up. And now we can only hope NeNe will sweep her mess up and move Marlo out of the Housewives series once and for all.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
These ridiculous shows show women in such a negative light, as though all they prefer is drama & gossip over substance. Obviously, each has it's share but not all women are like this and this behavior is unacceptable but plenty are addicted to it. There's a really funny blog about reality show addiction that I read by an insightful young lady at letstalknewsnow blogspot that at least sheds some light on this subject.

Submitted by Cheryl (not verified) on
Marlo is clearly unstable and she was attempting to instigate something with Shree at the night club, if she hurts one of these women will the show be liable? I think Cynthia is starting to see how self serving Nene really is, she only wanted Marlo there to make someone else feel uncomfortable, she did not care that it might be one of her friends!

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