Rosie unleashes on Teresa at RHONJ reunion

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For reality television’s sake, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey could mask some of the venom they have for Teresa.

Or at least, divide it up so that it only comes out one at a time rather than all at once. Fans are totally fed up with the feuding and malice that has come to define the New Jersey cast. The best thing that can happen to the group is to divide it up and move on with newer ideas.

Love Teresa Giudice or hate her, Teresa is the center of the New Jersey franchise. She represents the stereotypical Paterson girl who’s moved up out of the hood into the ‘burbs. You can take the girl out of Paterson, but you can’t take Paterson out of the girl.

And should viewers be disgusted that Teresa’s husband Joe lied his pants off when Andy Cohen asked who he was on the phone with the day he called his wife the b word?


But recall the fanatic frenzy that Love and Hip Hop viewers had with Stevie J., Joseline and MiMi’s love triangle. Extramarital relationships in reality television and fiction drama is the stuff that bestsellers and blockbusters are made of. Men who disrespect women attract viewers by the millions.

Even if Andy Cohen turns his nose up in disgust.

The second episode of Bravo’s reunion in New Jersey was a pretty dismal display of bad behavior on the part of Teresa’s cousins Kathy and Rosie. Viewers found Kathy and her sister Rosie unforgiveable in last night’s episode. Rosie’s yelling and her death threats against Teresa were unsettling enough that it’s perfectly okay if viewers never see Rosie on television again.

Rosie on the reunion episode was a sad and violent contrast to the hilarious Rosie that filled a void that Kathy couldn’t fill on her own. If Teresa acts like a twelve-year-old, Rosie’s behaved like she was six years younger.

More embarrassing for Rosie is that Bravo aired her threats. Hopefully Rosie doesn’t need a job in real life. If she does, she’d be good to apply for bouncer jobs in clubs.
Kathy Wakile doesn’t have many fans, but she lost what little respect she had when she called her aunt (Teresa’s mother) a liar. Kathy apologized later, and Teresa accepted her apology by returning to the couch with Melissa and Kathy.

But Teresa’s return to the couch meant an eager Melissa had to move out of Teresa’s seat and sit in the middle and Kathy was returned to the end of the sofa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey was sad last season because the Gorgas and the Giudice’s were fighting and at war. This season was a hopeful one as Teresa and Melissa got their sister act together.

But when Melissa admitted that she’d been talking to Danielle while she was angry with Teresa, that foreshadowed the end of the Gorga/Giudice reconciliation.

Fans are evenly divided between Melissa and Teresa. Most fans believe Melissa had some type of past as a dancer and even more have dismissed Jacqueline as a former Vegas Showgirl.

The accusations, the lies, the cover ups that have come to define the women of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have become too sad for most fans to stomach.

There’s one more reunion episode before Bravo does what it needs to do and cleans the house that Teresa built. And before Kim D. reveals or lies about how much Teresa was involved with the Melissa set up in the season's final episode.

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