San Francisco residents cut out popular restaurant's bacon fat, literally

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Bacon Bacon, a restaurant featured on the Discovery Channel’s United States of Bacon, is closing its doors.

The establishment didn’t smell good. And face it, year after year, doctors are warning heart and gastrointestinal patients not to indulge heartily in fried pork, the “other white meat.” Pork simply isn’t healthy and it's not on the kosher foods list of either Jews or Arabs. It’s actually the forbidden meat.

Yet, earlier this month a 90-something-year-old claimed the key to her long life was eating plenty of bacon.

For some, the shutting down of Bacon Bacon isn’t really a bad thing. Especially since pork is the rebel food of an otherwise health conscious, organic, granola loving San Franciscan community.

Earlier this year, Jim Angelus’ Bacon Bacon food truck was featured on the United States of Bacon, a rather blasphemous ode to all foods pork produced and broadcast on DSC. The look of pork fat should, alone, make the conscientious dieter ill, but Angelus’ had creative recipes for pork, including “pork jam” a bacon fat with onions, coffee and other foods he combined to make a spread for the grilled cheese sandwich.

Neighbors complained about the smell to Angelus and offered to purchase new products for him. Neighbors felt he needed to replace an air filter. The smell, neighbors believed, was the result of grease being illegally disposed in nearby sewers.

Angelus says that isn’t true, but after the health department’s inspection, Bacon Bacon lacked a couple of permits and was forced to shut down. But Angelus will keep his Bacon Bacon food truck, as soon as he finds a legal place to park it.

There’s a hearing scheduled for July and Bacon Bacon may have all its permits by then, but until, the pork seller’s closed to customers.

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