Students at London School of Economics call for pop psychologist's resignation

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Few appreciated pop culture psychologist Kanazawa's study in Psychology Today this week. In fact, Psychology Today removed the piece from its website.

Kanazawa wrote a study that concluded African American women were deemed less attractive by societies. Kanazawa's study went on to say that while societies consider black women unattractive, those societies also happen to find black men very attractive. Those who weren't outraged by the study laughed, the rest dismissed it as subjective, biased and hateful remarks and were baffled by Kanazawa's motivation for pursuing and publishing work that attracts negative attention.

But after a day or two, the social network buzz surrounding the psychologist lulled. It seemed that he was gone away until his next pop quirky study. But students at London University's School of Economics have called for Kanazawa's dismissal from the ivory tower. Kanazawa works in the Department of Economics as a reader and he lectures on evolutionary psychology and management science. Many feel Kanazawa's dismissal from his post at the university is doubtful. The University has stated that it believes that the good professor's views are his own and do not reflect the university.

Kanazawa blogs regularly in the magazine "The Scientific Fundamentalist." His work covers abstract ideas about the human condition and do not shy from being overtly seedy, gritty, raw or insulting.

Kanazawa has done hordes of studies that attract pop culture enthusiasts and offend minorities as well as the sexes. He conducted a study of women and their daughters recently and the study concluded that women who are most attractive bear daughters, while those women who are less attractive tend to bear boys. A London newspaper picked up the study and then began posting pictures of celebrity women with babies to bolster Kanazawas's remarks. .

While the University of London emphasized the importance of academic freedom, the University has also conceded to an investigation. "Psychology Today" said that it pulled Kanazawa's article after it received complaints because the article was not solicited from the magazine. "Psychology Today" publishes, apparently with little scrutiny, well known bloggers. Kanazawa's blog at "The Scientific Fundamentalists" is considered among the well known blogs. However, the blog at "The Scientific Fundamentalists" does not mention the study of black female attractiveness.

Satoshi Kanazawa is a British based Japanese evolutionary psychologist, but much of the evolutionary community has disowned Kanazawa for his particular brand of pop culture psychology.

source: BBC

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