Survivor castaways target Brazilian villain

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Tonight on Survivor Jeff Probst asked Brazilian villain Abi if she knew how badly she annoyed everyone.

Abi said she had no idea that she was "unlikable" after Denise threw her under a bus and a several Mack Tracks and an Amtrack train at tribal council. Probst baited Abi with the idea that her inability to gel with the other castaways was a cultural chasm. Abi took the bait and the entire group laughed at her.

Probst, who has a responsibility to make his guests feel welcome, told Abi that she was living proof of not really understanding American culture. Probst then went on to explain to Abi that when Americans smile when another person is talking, the smiles are really snarks. He also told her that her tribe thinks she is full of it.

With that tortuous grill and semi-personal beatdown from Jeff Probst, Abi played her immunity idol. And she cried about it.

However, a few hours earlier Abi was on the beach, fresh from a massage and a real relaxing team reward. She had a shower, got her hair done and was totally relaxed. As were the other challenge reward winners.

And Abi went on and on about how great reward was, and how beautiful the scenery was and how full her belly was (she said she felt three months pregnant). Everyone else looked in wonder.

Amazingly, no one told Abi to be quiet or hush it. And while it appeared that Abi was bragging, ( a brag that lasted for a good three minutes on TV), at tribal council Abi told the group that she was sharing an experience.

In short, Abi was hilarious on tonight's Survivor. Even more hilarious than her brag after the reward challenge, and her weeping at tribal council, was that none of the challenge winners wanted to discuss strategy at the massage, mani/pedi reward.

No one wanted to discuss strategy because most wanted to vote Abi out. At tribal council, Abi's tears fell when Denise explained that taking Abi to the final three is like taking someone who can't play poker to a high stakes poker game.

After that, Abi had enough. Abi told Denise, (in a nutshell) that Denise was being deliberately facetious, aggressive and cruel. "You know what you are doing," Abi insisted. "You're a psychologist."

Denise tried to explain that she's a sex therapist, not a Ph.D., but Abi said whatever, same thing. Everyone laughed.

It's unclear if Abi knew they were laughing at her or with her. Either way, the joke was on Pete. Pete has been relatively quiet since R.C. was voted off. Pete caused the huge and irreconcilable rift between Abi and R.C. over a hidden immunity idol.

That rift has yet to be reconciled and neither Abi nor R.C. will discover Pete's wickedness until the season ends.

Abi, Pete and Malcolm were the targeted castaways. Malcolm has an alliance, but Abi is on her own next week. Her saving grace is that the some of the harder players don't care if Abi goes to the end. With Abi in the final three, the castaways feel that the vote is 50/50 rather than a three way split.

Unlike Abi, Malcolm didn't play his immunity idol. Pete was Abi's shoulder to cry on. And if a chain is as strong as its weakest link, then that explains why Pete was eliminated. For viewers, however, Pete's end has been a long time coming.

This season, the Survivors are really working together to play an honest game, and Lisa Welchel is still at the center of it. The rest of the season and who remains depend solely on who wins immunity challenges.

And the tribal council where Malcolm is forced to play his idol.

photo of Lisa Welchel credit: Survivor/CBS

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