Syria's brutality ignored because country knows world secrets, Lara Logan says

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After yesterday's deaths of two more journalists who report for western media, it's inevitable to ponder whether or not western journalists belong in the middle of Arab civil wars.

Lara Logan shared with CBS news her feelings on Syria and the Arab uprisings and the reason she believes journalists don't shy away from tough stories in dangerous war zones.

Lara Logan told "CBS This Morning" that much of the world ignores the brutality and slaughter of Syria's government because Syria is like a country for rent. Logan said "it is very interesting the government of Syria is allowed to get away with" slaughtering its people.

Logan said Syria is like a country for rent as it hold major secrets of world powers from Russia to the United States which is a major reason the rest of the world isn't clamoring to get involved with Syria.

Logan was invited to share her feelings about the death of journalist Maria Colvin, an American writer for Britain's "The Sunday Times." Logan said that war obfuscates the truth of Syria's intentions in uprisings like those at Homs yesterday. Logan said no one will ever be able to prove that Syria deliberately targets journalists or deliberately targeted journalists who are covering the Assad uprising.

Journalist Maria Colvin was one of two journalists killed in Homs, Syria yesterday. French photograher, Remi Ochlik also died yesterday. When asked if the deaths of those two journalists were deliberate, Logan said no one will ever be able to prove what happened on the ground in Homs in the few hours before Colvin was killed.

Although there are people who do not believe in coincidences, Logan said, no one can really say that Colvin was targeted because she was a journalist. Logan added this is the nature of war. Logan also said that it does benefit the Syrian government tremendously when journalists are unable to tell their stories. Logan said the Middle East regimes will stop at nothing to suppress uprisings and journalism, agreeing that the suppression was a trait of other governments in addition to Syria.

Logan said that journalists are an “enemy of the state” in Muslim countries embroiled in uprising.

On Colvin, Logan said Marie Colvin was committed to bearing witness and giving a voice to people who don’t have one. If there weren’t journalists on the ground covering and reporting the violence and bloodshed thrust upon Syrian people at the hands of the Syrian government, then the Syrian government could write its own narrative, a narrative that ignores human rights violations and suppresses its populations. Colvin took “incredible risks” to do her job in Syria and Logan said that she was no stranger to risk and that she was a wise woman who made smart choices which is why and how Colvin stayed alive for so long. Colvin, Logan said, really knew how to navigate a situation like Homs. Logan also said because Colvin was incredibly smart, the incident in Homs makes Colvin's death that much more difficult.

Logan said she when she reflects on Marie’s death she feels guilty, responsible and a little bit like a fraud. "I feel responsible for doing work like she (Marie) did and telling the story of people whose lives otherwise mean nothing. It’s very interesting the government of Syria is allowed to get away with slaughtering its own people. Syria is like a country for rent and it holds major secrets of world powers from Russia to the United States which is the major reason the rest of the world isn’t clamoring to get involved with Syria. Logan then said he wished to be there instead of Maria because journalists believe it is their responsibility to do that work.

Logan said she’s not working as journalist in Syria, even though that’s where her heart is because she is a target. Due to her attack in Egypt, she’s become a well known figure and although she’d like to be on the ground reporting and would like to work behind the scenes to tell the stories, because of her attack in Egypt, she’s not capable of hiding.

The Syrian government has sent a message to journalists and to its Muslim people who are being killed by the Syrian government, Logan said. The uprising began with the slaughter of children and much of the reason journalists like Colvin are in Syrian and Arab governments is to show those murders and brutality.

Maria Colvin was in Syria finishing up a story and had planned to be in Syria for no more than another day. Before Colvin could leave,b she was killed.

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