TMZ has free celebrity stencil pumpkin carving ideas

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TMZ has done something nice for Halloween. They have free stencil downloads of celebrities for pumpkin carving ideas. The website doesn’t actually give photos of the pumpkins once they have been carved. But they are kind enough to at least give photos of what the stencils look like before they are cut.

You can go here to get the pictures and the stencil downloads in pdf format. For some, the stencil of the celebrity likeness may be so intriguing, it may be tempting to leave stencil drawing on the pumpkin without carving the pumpkin. For one thing, all that hair on Justin Bieber is a lot of black space to carve. But Justin Bieber is only one of TMZ's celebrity pumpkin carving ideas.

There's a Paris Hilton stencil. And after the year Paris Hilton has had, the cocaine bust, Japanese officials denied her entry into the country, maybe Paris’s image on a pumpkin is quite appropriate.

Halloween pumpkin carving ideas are free celebrity stencils and free Disney downloads

Follow instructions from the youtube video on how to carve a pumpkin. If you are using pumpkin carving ideas from a stencil, rather than randomly cutting a traditional jack-o-lantern, the temptation often is to draw the stencils before cutting off the stem and the top round part of the pumpkin. In most pumpkin carving ideas and stencils, the gourd will light from the inside. Therefore, your hand has to fit in the top round of the pumpkin in order to place votive lights inside of the pumpkin.

DIY recommends the traditional set of pumpkin carving tools that people generally use in order to create their pumpkin carving ideas. A Pumpkin saw, ice cream scooper, carving tool, and cookie cutters are the basic pumpkin carving tools needed. Pumpkin saws and carving tools are usually available at local drug stores

But if you are among the brave and creatively disciplined souls who want to give the far out and more advanced pumpkin carving ideas and carving stencils a try, DIY’s extreme carving tool kit may help get those celebrity pumpkin carvings in. DIY’s extreme pumpkin carving tools include a pumpkin gutter and a power drill. Check it out

The list of celebrities at TMZ’s site is short and somewhat memorable. Adam Sandler, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Ice-T are among the dozen or more at the site.

But if kids are more your speed, the free Disney templates with pumpkin carving ideas and free stencil downloads can be really cute.

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