Trayvon Martin's marijuana suspension means very little

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Trayvon Martin’s marijuana suspension from his Florida high school would be a really big deal had Trayvon Martin’s post mortem blood tests returned positive for drugs or alcohol the night he was killed.

The latest news that Trayvon Martin was in the gated Sanford community because of a school suspension may, in the long run, point ten to twenty fingers back at the Sanford Police department. George Zimmerman reported a person who appeared intoxicated or on something, however the department’s drug and alcohol tests on the deceased body turned up negative.

A heavy marijuana smoker, generally, can’t pass a drug test for ninety days. A medium smoker can’t pass a drug test for thirty. A light marijuana smoker can, it has been said, pass a drug test in approximately two weeks after smoking marijuna.

As the wave of news about the teenagers marijuana suspension broke, the story that Zimmerman was attacked and brutally beat by Martin also resurfaced. Last Friday, Zimmerman’s attorney interviewed with CNN. But Zimmerman’s attorney said that despite the stitches Zimmerman needed in the back of his head, and the broken bloody nose, Zimmerman didn't seek medical treatment because after so much time had elapsed, the cut on the back of his head healed. It's also possible that Zimmerman, at the time of the shooting, didn't have a job or health insurance plan that would cover emergency room costs.

In any case, many are dubious that Martin attacked Zimmerman at all. Some cite the age difference and others sight the clear and evident weight difference. Those who knew Martin cite his temperament. Zimmerman weighs 100 pounds more than Martin did at the time of his death. Information about an alleged Trayvon Martin attack was leaked from the Sanford Police Department to the Associated Press. Attorneys are looking for that department leak. In all likelihood, the person who revealed that information will be fired.

Inexplicable in the Trayvon Martin case and the public ire at Sanford PD is the release of George Zimmerman without securing evidence that could possibly, in the long run, help or hurt Zimmerman. Presumably, Zimmerman had blood on his clothes. But no DNA tests were taken to prove whether any blood on Zimmerman’s body or clothing was his or Trayvon Martin’s.

George Zimmerman, the night of the incident, reported to the Sanford Police dispatcher that his suspect looked like he was on something. Martin family attorney’s say Zimmerman discounted the possibility that Martin was walking hooded to because it was raining. They also say Zimmerman discounted that Martin stopped in between houses seeking shelter from the rain.

As Trayvon Martin’s mother defends her son posthumously from public relations efforts of Zimmerman’s team of friends and attorneys, the Sanford Police Department is likely bracing for the lawsuit of the century. Wherever, the Sanford Police Department’s botched investigation leads, whether Zimmerman is charged, convicted, or redeemed, the Police Department is liable for a civil suit and accusations of negligence.

Zimmerman’s attorneys, meanwhile, are fighting hard to dismiss that Zimmerman is a racist. Should Zimmerman find himself charged with a hate crime and moreover convicted, he faces guaranteed jail time. There are already pictures floating from anonymous US prisons of a prisoner who is posing with a sign that reads: Prison cell reserved for George Zimmerman.

In fact, many are saying Zimmerman should be arrested and taken into custody for his own protection.

Trayvon Martin’s marijuana accusation may be the first of many loops the Martin family may face in their quest to arrest George Zimmerman. But the Martin family and their son, Trayvon, even in death has overcome the biggest obstacle to needed: in death, Martin’s blood test by the Sanford Police Department evidences that the 17-year-old wasn’t under the influence the night of the incident. There were no drugs or alcohol in his system.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
So your defense is that he was suspended for 10 days due to a marijuana related incident, however he didn't have marijuana in his system. Which makes me think if he isn't smoking pot, he must be selling it. In fact I don't think it, I know it, check out his Facebook page where his friend says we hav business to discuss "a nigga needs a plant". Unless Martin was a florist I doubt he was trying to get an orchid from him. So now that we can accept that Martin was a drug dealer, it becomes much easier to believe that if he saw Zimmerman reporting suspicious activity he would have attacked him.

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If he had no drugs in his system the marijuana charge means little or nothing in relation to the question of influence of drugs on that day. However, in relation to the character of Trayvon it does have significance. If the fact that Zimmerman was born hispanic/white by no choice of his own brings immediate suspicion of racism upon him, why wouldn't the fact that Trayvon was involved in at least one illegal activity by choice not be more that of 'little' significance and bring some suspicion on him. there is no doubt this Zimmerman was at best a fool who should have some consequence and at worst a racist murderer who should be put away for life or worse. But both sides are rushing to judgment here. It is completely plausible and possible that a 17 yr. old kid, of any age, could have an attitude of attack rather that flight if threatened. I mean, just look at the popular music and culture of the day. Most of it is in essence 'I'm one bad SOB, mess with me and you'll be sorry'. I'm not saying that is who Trayvon was, but I am saying there are tons of high school boys of all colors who are like that and it is reasonable to consider that it could have happened. And it only makes it more reasonable if was involved with illegal marijuana, it speaks to his character and as such is pretty important. You can look at the weight disparity and say 'he wouldn't attack a guy that much bigger than him'. In my view it's just as likely if not more that a tough 17 year old would look at Zimmerman and say 'look at that fat dude I can kick his butt easy'. And he probably could have. Hopefully the truth will be known but we may never know.

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