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Two Project Runway contestants drop out of competition

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Project Runway masqueraded as Project Dropout last night as two designers, Andrea and Kooan dropped out.

Andrea, the college professor had a tough time with Christopher, a 28-year-old well meaning designer. Christopher is a calm and soothing contrast to season 9’s Josh. Last season, Josh berated an older contestant for her old maid tastes.

Christopher didn’t berate Andrea who is more than twenty years his senior. Instead, when the two were chosen to work together, Christopher sighed and sighed. And then sighed some more because he found Andrea's work ridiculously slow. Christopher didn’t offer to help Andrea. He complained without causing a confrontation. At judging, Andrea saved herself with a pack of lies. And the night before the designers next challenge, she bolted.

No worries. Kooan, the designer from Japan with the absolutely eccentric style, suddenly grew quiet. Kooan hadn’t said a word in three days. He said in confessional that he was thinking. Before the next challenge, we find Kooan wasn’t thinking about anything except leaving. Kooan believed his path to designer success has a route other than Project Runway.

With Kooan out, ousted Raoul returned. Raoul made a messy pair of pants that were four inches too small on his model. He made an even messier jacket for a challenge that required designers to dress a woman who’s constantly on the go.

Sonjia knew what to do for the woman on the go challenge. She designed a smart, ready to wear dress that worked day and night. And although Heidi called her out for not making the dress sexy enough, Hayden Panettiere loved it and asked to wear it on the red carpet.

Sonjia said yes.

As for the designers the judges didn’t like, Buffy from the United Arab Emirates was slain. Buffy proved an unartful designer with a print design draped by a pink flannel something. Heidi said Buffy’s design looked “really inexpensive.”

But Michael Kors had a little more to say. Buffy’s zebra print on the bottom and pink drape on the top was a toga fit for a hair dresser. Kors went on and on about the hairdresser’s Buffy designed for, her day and exactly what the hairdresser did in the smock get up.

Kors was so hard on Buffy, Tim Gunn gave her the warmest departing speech in the history of the show. Gunn told Buffy that he was so proud of her for sticking to her aesthetic and, for the most part, doing Buffy.

Nina Garcia spotted a fraud in Buffy. Buffy’s sewing skills weren’t up to par, and the messy sewing job was hidden underneath the pink smock. Hayden P. wasn’t much nicer. Hayden remarked that Buffy’s clothes were frightening, consequently the popular actress didn’t anticipate much from Buffy’s designs.

Fabio was on the chopping block with Buffi and Raul. Fabio wears cool clothes, the judges noted, but Fabio’s not presenting clothes with a strong or definitive perspective. The judges don’t know who he is.

The design that perhaps should have won, or at least should have been acknowledged for its effort and its sexiness was Melissa’s. Melissa’s cape and drape outfit looked a little like Muslim women’s garb with a contemporary, cool spin. But Melissa’s four piece effort only kept her safe.

Next week, Heidi says something mean to a designer. Heidi says she doesn’t hate many things, but one of the designers managed to produce something she “hates.”


photocredit: Project Runway/Lifetime/Facebook


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Wow! I haven’t been keeping up on this season, but your review has definitely sparked my intrigue! Most Thursday nights, I find myself cooped up in my office at Dish, so I’ve been recording the series. I’m going to make a point to watch them now! Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR with tons of recording space, so I know none of the episodes got deleted to make room for new stuff. I can’t wait to catch up!

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