Victoria Beckham named Queen of Fashion Week

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Victoria Beckham's been named Queen of New York Fashion Week.

Although CNN part-time political analyst Roland Martin isn't impressed with Mr. David Beckham's H&M ads, his wife Victoria's business partner, Simon Fuller, is immensely happy.

Last fall, Victoria Beckham's collection went over relatively quietly, without much buzz or fanfare. But this year, her show premiered a week or so after the Super Bowl and a week after Roland Martin's insensitive Tweets about her husband's ad. Not that the tweet flap and Victoria Beckham's runway success are related, but the timing is certainly coincidental.

After a week of rave reviews, it's official: Victoria Beckham has been crowned queen of New York Fashion Week. After previewing her Autumn / Winter 2012 collection to a packed house at the New York Library on Sunday morning 12th February, and with her husband David Beckham OBE, editor in Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour OBE, and her long time business partner Simon Fuller, all looking on from the front row, the critics were unanimous in voting this the finest moment of her career as a fashion designer.

"Her strongest show yet" The Guardian.

"In her insistence on developing slowly, and gradually earning respect, Mrs. Beckham has scarcely put a platformed-foot wrong"

"Queen Victoria: How Mrs Beckham conquered fashion" The Guardian.

"Her style is, season after season, more and more desirable and confident" Vogue Italy

"She has staked her claim and she owns this space" FT

The Telegraph describes Beckham's collection as "Frockeralla meets collarful." Beckham's collection is described as more relaxed that previous collections she's shown at Fashion Week.

With her ready to wear collection now stocked in over 300 retail outlets around the world, the Victoria Beckham business is now worth in excess of £30 million at retail, and with a launch of a new line, named 'Victoria by Victoria Beckham' going on sale this week, that value is only set to rise. It is a good news story for British creative industries, as her ready to wear collection is designed and is hand made by British businesses.

Simon Fuller, Victoria Beckham's long term business partner, comments: "Victoria and I are both proud Brits and it feels good to be building a creative British business that is flourishing on a global stage.

Fuller's also excited about his collaboration with Mark Anthony and JLO (Jennifer Lopez). The celebrity ex-couple's Latin version of American Idol, Q'Viva The Chosen, will premiere in two hour segments on FOX the first week of March(2012).

You can preview Beckham's collection here.


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i very much doubt she could actually sew a button on,,,,,,has she any qualifications whatsoever, another blatant case of "buying" a career,,,,the real talent behind her will never be recognised,,,,shame

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