Waiting for Andrea Herrera’s a.k.a. Kat Stacks’ epiphany

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Andrea Herrera, a.k.a. Kat Stacks, is a 21-year-old youtube, twitter phenom and girly revenge story. She took hip hop’s hugely male ego for a u-turn a couple of years back, been in jail since November of 2010 and last week a judge issued her deportation orders back to Venezuela.

Herrera is so hated in the US, her arrest and detainment last fall probably saved her life. Herrera (Kat Stacks) made her fortune and her reputation after releasing kiss and tell video-thons courtesy of youtube. Each video avenged hip hop’s more defining characteristics: misogyny and hypersexuality.

Feeling used and neglected by major artists in the hip hop game from Fabulous and Bow-Wow, then Nelly to Soulja boy (to name a few), Stacks broadcast major male rap and hip hop recording artists’ cell numbers on youtube. One Facebook fan calls her “the urban yellow pages.”

(Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. pulled the same stunt a couple of years ago when she posted the telephone number of a New York Times freelancer who dissed her in an interview—but that was a one time thing and presumably sex wasn’t involved).

Then Herrera threw down a feminist trump card. She tattled rappers’ sexual games. She revealed everything: length, size, duration and performance. With cell phone video, she’s accused a rapper of having a serious cocaine habit. (But he professes to love her deeply and that the drug allegations are false). The kiss and tell videos remain hugely embarrassing for a group of young men whose character and identity are primarily hypersexual personas.

Born in Venezuela and raised in New York by her mother, Herrera’s said that she had lots of uncles in NYC. Most were physically violent. She was bartered into prostitution and strip clubs in New York at 14 years-old. She carried her exploiter’s child. He left when the child was born. In interviews, Herrera has admitted that his abandonment threw her into deep depression.

Right now, Stacks is in Louisiana lockdown. Last week, a judge ordered her deportation. When Stacks was jailed, she was at the height of infamy. Hip-hop fans loved to hate her. Black gossip magazines dogged her. Websites were built to discredit her as a lying, groupie, and virulent fraud. Haters demanded Wikipedia remove their Kat Stacks entry.

Herrera’s had several violent encounters during her prison stint. But aside from that, the Tennessee arrest likely saved her life. Men slapped her bloody in public. Glass bottle-throwing, drunken mobs have chased her and her entourage out of clubs.

Andrea Herrera’s story (before becoming Kat Stacks) is a long tale of sex crimes against children. In adulthood, Stacks’ behavior mimicked that of her exploiter—nil respect for humanity.

Her body guard, Young Mazi, an Atlanta rapper was shot earlier this year. Young Mazi and Kat Stacks ran the streets together, avenging dudes who slapped Kat around.

Mazi didn’t die from his wounds, but his speech is significantly impaired. Mazi had his epiphany and recorded it for fans. Herrera, who tweeted to Hugo Chavez that she’s never coming back to his country, hasn’t had hers yet.

And that’s too bad.

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