What are the nine foods you should eat to prevent type 2 diabetes?

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NBC’s Today Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer's online website program recommends activities and habits you should stop or start to prevent diabetes. The recommendations are based your individual lifestyle habits.

Bauer’s questionnaire asks a few simple lifestyle questions. Do you drink coffee? Do you exercise? Do you smoke? Are you near your recommended body weight?

Based on answers to those questions and one or two more, Bauer’s list suggests 6 healthy lifestyle choices best suited for the quiz taker.

I answered Joy’s few questions (I don’t smoke, I love my morning coffee, and while I don’t have a regular exercise routine, my lifestyle is active and I do work out at least twice a month for hours, and I’m usually really near my recommended body weight). You can take the quiz here.

In return her program gave me 6 recommendations. Alongside those recommendations are 9 foods I should be eating for type 2 diabetes prevention. Fortunately, a lot of the foods are foods I can’t do without and eat regularly. But I gave the gas face on a couple of the recommendations.

Beans: I’m simply not a big fan of beans and don’t eat them often. I don’t like any kind of beans except green beans. I eat black beans in Mexican foods and salads, but have rarely purchased beans from the store. It looks like I’ll be googling more recipes with black beans and picking up a few cans for my body’s sake.

Oatmeal: Well. There are a few good 3 ingredient cookie recipes that include oatmeal, but I don’t think I can swallow oatmeal without sugar. And since sugar and I broke up in 2011, oatmeal for my cardiovascular health is a tough spoonful to swallow.

Fish: no problems there. Fish is one of my diet staples.

Nonfat yogurt: In the future, I will pay attention to whether or not my yogurt is nonfat. I like yogurt based smoothies.

Almonds: One of my favorite French toast recipes calls for nuts. I used almonds a lot. I haven’t thought to snack on almonds, but almonds, bananas and yogurt are looking more and more like a necessary dessert.

Nonstarchy vegetables: broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers, no problem. A Bob Marley sandwich is filled with steamed veggies.

Wild Salmon: Whenever I have an extra $20 to eat, I purchase smoked salmon. Sorry, vegans. It’s just delicious.

Egg whites: double yuck. I prefer eggs mixed in foods, breads, cakes and all things where a chicken’s unborn baby is unseen. The idea behind the eggs is protein. But there are milkshakes for that.

Avocados. I love avocadoes. I eat them raw and one day, I’ll own several avocado plants. One day.

Check out Joy’s website and take the second quiz to determine which foods you need for dieting. Like losing weight, it’s harder to slow down diabetes once the diagnosis is given.

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