What is Michaele Salahi doing (and why)?

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Sadly, the Real Housewives of DC isn’t returning to television but Michaele Salahi has managed to stick around.

She, like a couple of other Bravo housewives and househusbands, has been in the studio recording. And now her work, “Bump It” is out and available on iTunes. And while the song promotes being hot and the center of the attention, the lyrics and the vocals are surprisingly forgettable.

Surprising because being forgettable isn’t a Salahi forte. Michaele performed “Bump It” for a Miami television audience yesterday morning. Surrounding by dancing girls in bad 80s hip hop outfits and accompanied by a rapper in socks and sandals, Salahi voiced over "Bump It".

And even though the performance was dismally sad, Michaele appears to have been having fun with it. And to give Salahi some props, the song isn't as bad as Countess LuAnn’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

As a cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of DC” Salahi never seemed to have fun. Mary didn’t like her, Lynda didn’t like her husband, and British born Cat didn’t like anyone. Stacie, the most sensible housewife in the crew, seemed to recognize the comedic and controversial elements the Salahis gave to the show, and she welcomed both Tareq and Michaele.

The White House Dinner party crash incident irreconcilably turned the DC Housewives cast against the Salahis. The Dinner party crash may have been the root cause of the show’s demise. During the reunion episodes, none of the women seemed particularly keen on filming a second season if the Salahi’s were involved.

When the Real Housewives of DC was dropped, it’s fan base dispersed leaving Michaele Salahi and her husband Tariq plenty of room to jump on board the celebrity train that had formed as a result of the White House Dinner Party. The husband wife duo were interviewed on network television shows, CNN wanted to know who they were, Whoopi Goldberg and The View wanted them arrested. A congressional hearing and interrogation aired live on CSPAN. And in five minutes, the Salahis became really famous because they managed to meet the President of the United States and his Vice President and had a great time--despite the security breach.

So like all of the other Bravo reality housewives stars who have moved on past their relationship with Andy Cohen and the reality series, so goes Michaele Salahi with a single on iTunes. She’s a bony and frail blonde, born in 1965. She’s said to have multiple sclerosis a diagnosis she reportedly received almost twenty years ago. She's come out only recently in support of those with MS and a search for the cure. She doesn't regret the White House crash and would do it all over again. She shamelessly denies responsibility and she also opted out of a stint on VH-1s "Celebrity Rehab."

Most viewers of "The Real Housewives of DC" felt the Salahis were a shining example of the denial that accompanies addiction and mental health disorder.

Without the benefit of a reality show to fill in the details and with such sparse information on her Facebook page and websites, it is hard to know what motivates Michaele Salahi. From the looks of her performance on Miami TV yesterday, it is probably best to keep guessing or forget about it altogether.

You can watch "Bump It" performed somewhat live in Miami here.


Submitted by Samuel Bronkowitz (not verified) on
You left out their notorious background of lies and charity scamming. They also have many unpaid court judgements against them for their shady business practices. They dragged his parents through court while his father was dying trying to get control of the family business until it was bankrupt and is now set to be liquidated. This was all after he embezzled money from it to fund their lavish life style. I wish the media would report the facts instead of "oh look...Michelle has a bathing suit on running through the waves. Check our Facebook page: "Tell the White House Pary Crashers to Go Away" Yes..I know Party is spelled Pary.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The rapper clearly had on shoes you idiot! Are you blind...#sandals

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
these same fake bloggers, " sam bronkowitz" ( fake identity you hide behind) you have been obsessed with Michaele Salahi forever. Laurie told you you really look obsessed and scary blogging all the time. try to find a life of your own sam? funny - you are obsessed with Michaele. you and your hate page - bullying is out. Michaele we are all Bumpin' it and keep going !

Submitted by to you same fak... (not verified) on
This must be Tareq and Michelle because you guys have no friends or supporters. Everyone hates you guys and wishes you two wouls disappear. You guys are despicable to cheat small businesses and hard working people to fund your lifestyle. You guys are ugly inside and out, you worthless broke-asses. You two are jokes. Get a real job and stop cheating everyone, you losers.

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