When Bad Guys Win on The Good Wife

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Just when Kalinda's ghastly husband was almost mildly tolerable, he beats up Cary.

Cary's had a great season on "The Good Wife" thus far. Cary Agos has been a good lawyer and a great colleague. Cary's helped the firm because he's smarter than the rest. Cary's help profited the firm several millions, which is more than what Alicia's done. Cary also dumped his leeching dad, perhaps an unnecessary subplot in the many plots this season. But the Washington DC encounter with Cary's dad gave viewers an glimpse into Cary's past.

Alicia and Will's shared past make them a power couple in court and with the fans. Peter Florrick's philandering past makes him a redemptive character. The arrival of Kalinda's husband Nick has unearthed information about Kalinda's past that viewers, for the most part, would rather not know. The only good that can possibly come from Cary's beating in the parking lot is that Cary', hopefully forges a much wanted, tighter bond with the aloof bad boy Will Gardner.

Cary needs that bond to get the cases he wants, hence the money and power he needs to recoup for the years he worked at the State's Attorney's office. And besides, Cary has a serious bad and absentee Daddy issue that is well compensated with dollar bills. Massive dollar bills. Aside from the material aspects, Cary needs a friend, a male bond. Something similar to the bond Alicia and Kalinda had two seasons ago.

Next week, we meet Alicia Florrick's mom. And if Peter Florrick's mom was a handful in her day, Stockard Channing as Alicia's mom looks to be a doozy. Channing's character may give credence to this new and humorous Alicia Florrick who laughs at her husband's campaign foibles, yet fiercely protects her children from political opposition and mad dog journalists.

It looks like Amanda Peet, Capt. Attorney Hellinger, has found a new home on "The Good Wife." She's a novice attorney working in the State's Attorney's office (prosecutor). She's still learning and she performed magically when Alicia entered the room as she worked against Will Gardner and his defense of a cheating and murder soliciting wealthy spouse. Lockhart and Gardner is still looking for a $60 million payday to recoup the offices on the 27th floor and, perhaps, some of the staff they released.

For one moment, it looked as though Will had his eye on Captain Hellinger but when loose lip Judge Creary (Judd Hirsch) unleashed careless bravado in the presence of one of Will's former girlfriends Giada (it's sad Will has so many ex-girlfriends), Will rekindled a spark with Giada. This is a very bad habit of Will's and we are learning that since his break up with Alicia, Will's not been involved, like really involved with anyone.

It was a nice cue that hinted at Will's brooding. The bigger cue that Will's brooding over Alicia (and his legal fall from grace after Alicia) was his drink and convo with Kalinda after work.

"How do you stop being jealous?" Kalinda asked Will.

Will said that people can stop caring, see other people, or they can be honest and tell the truth. Will told Kalinda to tell the person that she's in love with that she is only interested in a monogamous relationship and be prepared to keep her word.

Two seasons ago, Alicia contemplated entering a full time relationship with Will. She asked Will what was his plan, but Will didn't have one. He told her that he loved her in a voicemail, but Alicia never got that message. Eli intervened.

For #TeamFlorrick, Eli's intervention was a good thing. Alicia and Peter get along much better separated and living apart. The horizons and trailers even suggests a Florrick reconciliation.

But it's not clear how long that will last because so far, what we can see of Alicia is that she's accustomed to power and winning. So if Peter doesn't win the election, he may become less attractive to Alicia. And if Will maneuvers the law firm back and out from under the reach of Trustees, Alicia may just develop (again) eyes for Will.

Something has to give because the fans are split down the middle between Alicia and Peter and Alicia and Will.

Take Home Message:

Also in the middle of Alicia's career and marriage are her children, Zach and Grace. At the end of last night's episode, Alicia sat with her two teenage children with the look and wonder of a parent who blinked and then woke up to find her grown children awake, alive, alert and thinking on their own.

Ideally, good parents raise good children and those children make good decisions. Grace's recent decision to hang out with an excluded outcast is a Christian like behavior. Grace's name and persona are exemplary of her character on "The Good Wife." But this television show is about the sacrifices one makes to be "good" and constantly reminds viewers that "good" is not always properly rewarded.

Which brings us full circle to Cary's unwarranted and unprovoked attack in the parking lot by a clearly unstable Nick Savarenese.

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