Will Gloria Cain stand by Her Man's side?

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It looks like the end of the road for Herman Cain. The Family Values Republican GOP presidential nominee and his family aren't likely to weather allegations of Cain's 13-year-relationship with Ginger White.

After four women complained that they were harassed by Herman Cain, Herman Cain's wife, Gloria Cain, has stood by her man. She's said that her husband wouldn't do those things. Gloria Cain made an appearance on Fox News, but hadn't been seen much with her husband on the campaign trail.

Ginger White's interview yesterday may be the stone that drops Goliath.The Herman Cain campaign says he is "reassessing" his presidential campaign after the Ginger White interview. He also told Wolf Blitzer yesterday that he and the woman didn't have an appropriate relationship. Cain stopped short of calling White a liar when pressed by Blitzer. Cain said he wanted to wait and see how it all plays out.

Meanwhile, White has phone records of texts she and Cain have had over the years.

Analysts are suggesting Cain will or should drop out of the race today or tomorrow. Others say that Cain's participation in the GOP quest for a presidential nominee from here on out is comedic media fodder. More sympathetic commentators are pondering the toll such an allegation is taking on Gloria Cain and the forty year Cain marriage.

On television, Gloria Cain wife has supported her husband throughout the allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace despite the fact that his company settled financially with two of his accusers.

Cain actually said, "Here we go again," in response to the latest suggestion that he is guilty of infidelity.

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal ran a long pictorial/editorial on Herman Cain's political education.

Many have compared Herman Cain's past allegations of sexual harassment to Bill Clinton. Even the 13-year-affair rings remarkably similar to Clinton's Gennifer Flowers a woman who allegedly had a 12-year-affair with Clinton.

Of all the Democratic Presidents in the history of the United States, the GOP in particular, spent a great deal of its outrage on Clinton's amoral and unethical behavior during and before he entered the White House. Herman Cain's popularity in the GOP was particularly strong with older voters. Since the allegations, most of them have since switched allegiances to thrice married Newt Gingrich.

The worst of Bill Clinton's infidelity allegations occurred while Clinton was in the White House. But Herman Cain's unraveling has come during his GOP campaign for the nomination.

Herman Cain's fall is an anomaly. Most political candidates understand the necessity of transparency due to a number of disturbing precedents. Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards most recently shocked the country with his scandal and illegitimate daughter while campaigning. Anthony Weiner was nothing short of disturbing.

Love George W. Bush or hate him, Americans feel he represented a wholesome American Family, a big change from the Clinton era. The same is true of Barack Obama--love or hate him, he represents a truly healthy American family.

Ginger White claims that she and Herman Cain's relationship ended in September of this year. White said that Herman stopped returning her texts because he wanted to focus more on his presidential campaign.

Cain denies that anything inappropriate happened between him and White. He said the allegations are taking a toll on his family.

Most are watching Cain and his family to see if his wife Gloria will stick by his side after the latest developments that he's held a 13-year affair with another woman.

The rest are hoping Cain will bow out gracefully. His denial of the many accusations by women demonstrates a real and frightening disrespect of the rights of women to work in a free and safe environment.

But the latest allegations prove the GOP candidate a hypocrite.

And while this should be good news for Mitt Romney, the more wholesome family candidate in the GOP forefront, the GOP voters are embracing Newt Gingrich in the latest polls. Gingrich said little about the latest Cain allegations except that he hopes Cain does what is best for his family and that he feels for his family and Cain during this time.


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They'll split up right after the 2012 election. She will take him to the cleaners in the "amicable" break-up which will have had nothing to do with a certain Ginger White.

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