Would you take your mom to Hooters on Mother's Day?

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For every mom at a table on Mother's Day, Hooters celebrates her travails and triumphs with free chicken wings.

The real question is would you take your mom to Hooters for Mother's Day Dinner? The typical Hooters customers are males. 68 percent of the people who dine at Hooters are men and most of them are between 25 and 54.

With percentages high in favor of Hooters being man cavish, or a room of mostly men, what Mom types are out and about at Hooters dining for Mother's Day?

A self-assured woman would dine at Hooters on Mother's Day. She'd have absolutely no problem with dining or being served by women in tight tee shirts and short shorts. There is much to ponder about the guy who brings his mom to Hooters. It could be his mom's things or he could wish to annoy her to the ninth degree. Mother's Day Gifts aren't real gifts if those gifts aren't both complex and creative.

What's for certain is that any woman who does sit down on Hooter's for Mother's Day will increase female patronage. It is also certain location that women will gave a fair share of male eye candy at any given Hooters venue on May 13th. Perhaps the moms who are interested in finding new male friends will wind up at Hooters, the neighborhood venue, Sunday.

Hooters customers say the wing specials and female customers at the restaurants are simply “about the wings.” Men and women dine for food and when the food is good, they’ll patronize. As far as the Hooters aura, and the perpetuating stereotype that Hooters is a something like a gentlemen's club, most of the company's waitresses understand their gig as something of a restaurateur's burlesque show, a combination between 50s roller diners and Playboy event.

Hooters doesn't classify its restaurant as a family venue. Their Mother's Day specials, chicken wings for each mom may also increase family patronage. Ten percent of the parties Hooters serves include children. Hooters offers a children's menu. It's a sure bet that some Hooters employees are likely to take advantage of the deal, if possible.

Hooters has over 2 million Facebook likes and not many restaurants are offering Mother's Day Deals. During the month of May, Hooters locations are raising money for The V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Grant. Kelly O'Dowd was a mother and Hooters executive employee when she passed away from breast cancer.

Since her death, Hooters has raised money for cancer research and the grant in O'Dowd's name. With the help of our loyal customers, Hooters has been able to contribute $2 Million toward the cause so far.

One Hooters customer sees Hooters as a venue for both men and women adding that Hooters intrigue isn't simply about the ideals behind the restaurant. Most intriguing are the relationships between the customers and their regular patrons.

All day on May 13th moms will receive 10 free boneless wings, tossed in their favorite wing sauce. Some of Hooters Facebook posters says this means many single moms will be eating Sunday. Others have moms who work at Hooters. And a lot of guys will just be guys, and want to know if Hooters will serve breasts on Father's Day since moms get a free plate of wings this Sunday.

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