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Apple fires former design partner over tablet

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Apple has severed all ties with a small Silicon Valley design firm thats its been doing business with for the past decade, the company SurfaceInk has helped with the development of many of its products.

Founder and chief executive of the engineering design company Eric Bauswel said in a that the company and Apple had “gone separate directions.” Mr. Bauswel did not go into exact detail about the relationship between both company's but did confirm that his company was let go because of “Apple’s growing awareness of our turnkey capabilities,” because of the growing list of competitors Surfacelink does business with makes Apple very nervous, “I think they view our capabilities as an opportunity for competitors, “ said Mr. Bauswel.

Surfacelink in the past has done Engineering and design work for apple competitor HP, Palm and many other, but things changed when in June Surfacelink introduced a prototype 12.1-inch tablet during an electronics trade show. Apple seeing this as a direct competition to its own tablet the iPad quickly let the company go. Mr, Bauswel went on to say that the tablet was meant to showcase the design capabilities to potential clients which Apple saw as a threat.

Currently Apple dominates the Tablet market with the iPad but competition is heating up this year as company's like HP, Acer, Microsoft, Google will all release a tablet of their own.

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