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New Amazon Kindle ad takes shots at the iPad

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Mega Online retailer Amazon must be feeling the heat coming from Apple's wildly popular tablet the iPad, so the company has decided to release an Ad mocking the iPad screen vs the Kindles.

The commercial makes fun of the fact that the iPad is impossible to read in direct sunlight meanwhile the Kindle is perfectly suited for that type of environment. The Ad is completely spot on, any iPad owner will tell you that reading the tablet outdoors in any type of sunlight is a waste of time its more of an indoor device.

The iPad transformed a small niche market into a major industry

Despite the iPad shortcomings Apple has managed to sell millions of a device that was nothing more than a niche a year ago, now has exploded into a major market with manufacturers like Samsung scrambling to get a foothold in this particular corner of the market.

Amazon is said to be building an answer to the iPad with a tablet of their own which makes me think that the iPad is cutting into the Kindle's bottom line. The Tablet wars are just beginning.

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