Next Generation iPod Nano will be really small

The Popular iPod Nano from Apple may be getting ready for a major overhaul, according to reports by Appleinsider the next generation of Apple's iPod nano will be a smaller version of the current generation. To prove this, images of third-party case makers including the photo to the right was made by Orient King.

The new Nano to resemble the iPod Shuffle but with a touchscreen?

The case which looks like an iPod Shuffle seems to indicate that the iPod will have a touch-like interface resembling the iPod touch, a 30-pin dock connector and 4 cutouts for buttons and headphone jack. The nano is rumored to have a 3 x 3cm touchscreen which the picture below shows, volume controls, a hold button, and a clip 'round the back are all present on the case.

Apple will be holding a special event Wednesday and could possibly unveil the new Nano, Apple of course is mum on the subject so we have to wait and see what happens Wednesday.