Conspiracy Theory: Fast and Furious an Attempt to Further Gun Control

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The investigation into the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) undercover operation known as “Fast and Furious” continues and is the stuff of conspiracy theories.

Late Friday, the White House released new documents in the ongoing Congressional investigation of that operation that has become a growing scandal. Those documents, emails, show extensive communication between a White House National Security staffer, Kevin O’Reilly and ATF Special Agent William Newell who helped lead that operation. The emails clearly demonstrate that the White House and the ATF Phoenix had direct communications.

However, since the beginning of this investigation, the Obama administration has maintained that high-level officials in the White House and Justice Department were not involved with the program, and Attorney General Eric Holder has claimed not to know about the operation until a few weeks ago.

“The notion that somehow or other that this thing reaches into the upper level of the Justice Department is something that at this point I don’t think is supported by the facts,” Holder said in a July press conference. “And I think as we examine and as all the facts are in fact revealed, we’ll see that that is not the case.”

The operation allowed suspected drug traffickers to purchase U.S. guns ostensibly so that the ATF could track the weapons to the leaders of cartels and make arrests. Investigators believe that thousands of weapons found their way into the hands of suspected traffickers under this program. At least two weapons traced to the program were found on the murder scene of a border patrol agent in December 2010. Additional crimes have also been connected with weapons linked to ATF.

Newell testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Regulation in July and said that the “Fast and Furious” operation was initiated with the intention of curtailing gun trafficking but was not executed properly.

“I recognize that in retrospect there were mistakes in how we handled the investigation,” Newell said. In a written statement further clarifying his July testimony, Newell wrote, “Those searching for the secret or hidden ‘high level’ authorization to ‘permit guns to flow south’…will ultimately remain unsatisfied.”

However, Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) both investigating the operation, have posited that the administration actually initiated the program as an advance attempt at furthering gun control in the U.S. In fact, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent, John Dodson told Issa’s House Oversight Committee that David Voth, supervisor of the operation was “jovial, if not, not giddy but just delighted about" marked guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico.

"Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals — this was the plan," Dodson testified to the panel. "It was so mandated."

ATF agent Olindo James Casa said that, "On several occasions I personally requested to interdict or seize firearms, but I was always ordered to stand down and not to seize the firearms."

Yet, the ATF never tracked guns past the border, an odd thing if the purpose of the operation was to catch gun traffickers and their drug-lord bosses. Yet, it makes sense given the administration’s gun-control agenda.

Both presidents of Mexico and the U.S. have claimed that 90 percent of the weapons recovered by Mexican authorities in a variety of crimes originated in the U.S.; all this in support of the gun-control agenda. However, Bill McMahon, ATF deputy assistant director, testified that of 100,000 weapons recovered by Mexican authorities, only 18,000 were made, sold or imported from the U.S. Of those, 18,000, just 7,900 came from sales by licensed gun dealers—8 percent, not 90 percent.

On an interview with Greta Van Sustern on Fox News, Issa has said, “We’re being gamed by the Obama administration.”

Today, as the investigation continued, Issa concluded that Holder knew of the operation long before he said he did. Over the next months, the investigation will undoubtedly uncover the truth, and hopefully, justice will be served.

In the meantime, the gun control advocates of the Obama administration will have to look for another way to further chip away at our Second Amendment Rights.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How does one follow the guns to the drug cartels in Mexico without involved the DEA and Mexican authorities? This smells to high heaven. Way beyond "inconceived"!

Submitted by Nanjing03 (not verified) on
Remember, in 2009, Hillary Clinton and the president of Mexico announced that illegal American gun runners were selling guns to Mexican gangs. Almost immediately, they were proven wrong since almost all of the guns were provided by corrupt Mexican police and soldiers or purchased from Colombia and Venezuela. Again in 2009, Obama and Holder hatched a scheme to salvage Secretary Clinton's claim about the guns coming from the U.S. and Operation Fast and Furious was put into effect where the Justice Department, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, funneled enormous numbers of guns into Mexico with the hope of creating the illusion of a gun smuggling epidemic. The planned reason-de-affair was be to pave the way for more gun control laws to pacify liberal anti-gun voters in time for the presidential election next year. However, in the interim, two U.S. government officials including a U.S. Border Patrol officer were killed with some of those same "walked" guns. Now the cover up begins with Eric Holder lying to the U.S. House subcommittee investigating both procedural and criminal wrongdoing by DOJ and BATFE. The intrigue heightened when BATFE Director Kenneth Melson, with his attorney present, disputed Eric Holder's testimony, implying that the gun scheme was actually planned, sanctioned, and monitored by the U.S. attorney general and the president. And now most recently, we have an informant from within the ranks of BATFE saying that there was never any way to track the weapons as earlier implied, nor was there any intention to do so. The conspiracy is now out in the open and it is being reported even by much of the same mainstream media that once turned a blind eye to this administration's wrong doing. In the meantime, Obama, [Hillary] Clinton, and Holder are walking around with blood on their hands, hoping to change the subject and that nobody will notice, and hoping that there won’t be any talk of criminal hearings and impeachment. It is over for them. A best case scenario for the president and the attorney general now is that Obama will be allowed to peacefully lose the 2012 presidential election and quietly return to Chicago while Holder gets a pardon from the outgoing president as a “last official act” and avoids time in federal prison for lying to congressional investigators. An angry American citizenry is standing by and gearing up as this drama unfolds.

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