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Harry Reid Sitting on 22 Jobs Bills—Refuses Vote in the Democratically Controlled Senate

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President Obama keeps harping on jobs and the do nothing Congress, but once again he’s playing fast and loose with the American people.

As Obama travels from fundraiser to fundraiser and makes one stump speech after another along the campaign trail, he continues to denigrate Congress, more particularly the House of Representatives, and most specifically the Republicans.

He says he’s put forth a jobs bill that would put this country back to work but his proposition is nothing more than another stimulus bill, a policy that has already failed dismally to the tune of $800 billion (yes, that’s a B for billion), nearly a trillion dollars.

A popular definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different," and that’s exactly what Obama has presented to Congress. We’ve already tried government stimulus and by now we should have learned our lesson, albeit a very expensive lesson.

But I contend that Obama and his minions have no intention of creating jobs (which they can’t anyway because only the private sector can truly do that). Rather, Obama wishes for nothing more than to prolong the pain of unemployment and increase dependency upon the federal government to ensure his re-election in 2012. He wants to campaign on the concept of needing four more years to bring prosperity back to this country.

Insanity aside, Obama continues to say that “Congress isn’t willing to move” legislation to facilitate job growth. While day after day puts politics at the top of his agenda and demonizes the Republicans, the House has approved bipartisan legislation to nurture conditions in the private sector to create jobs.

As of November 10, the House has passed 22 bills and sent them to the Senate for a vote. Instead of taking action on these very important bills, Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democrats in the Senate continue to sit on them and let them languish as though they don’t exist.

These bills range from lowering taxes and decreasing EPA Regulations to management of coal resources. All would have the impact of encouraging the private sector to hire. For a complete list of these bills and their explanation click on

We all have our talents and Obama has already proven his talent for community organizing. Too bad he wasn’t able to bring any of that talent to the Oval Office. Instead, he continues to operate with an organizer’s mindset and fails to see the effects of his actions beyond his own campaign.

If he truly placed country above politics, he’d berate Reid for his lack of action, but then, I also contend that Reid is acting on orders from Obama.

As we continue the countdown to the 2012 election, We the People would be wise to work for the election of a new president who can take on the responsibilities of the Oval Office and put the interests of the nation ahead of his own.

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