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UFOs Over Santiago, Chile

Joan R. Neubauer's picture

On August 30, a series of strange lights in the night sky brought out amateur photographers and videographers from all over Santiago, Chile.

One light in the night sky moving erratically quickly turned into seven of varying brightness and colors. According to one witness, they formed several geometric shapes in succession, including a triangle and a rhombus. Witnesses saw them form a single line in the sky as well as a circular formation at one point.

Then just as suddenly as they made their appearance, they blinked out.

Experts are now analyzing the films of the “onvis” as UFOs are called in Chile, as well as film of other recent sightings over that South American country. One of those films by local Victor Jimenez, was taken during the day. He has captured what looks like a flying saucer. He also has a small collection of other lights in the night sky, which he says moved very rapidly, then quickly slowed to a stop and disappeared.

While experts study the films, Chilean politicians consider the geopolitical ramifications of what confirmation of UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life might mean to those of us on earth.

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