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UFOs Seen over California

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Reports of UFOs have risen in recent months, and the skies over California have had a lot of activity. Various people and agencies have offered explanations for them, but for UFO researchers and aficionados, some seem less than plausible.

And people continue to report seeing strange lights in the sky. They get little play from the mainstream media, but with so many stories out there, one wonders at the odds that at least a few of them are really alien encounters.

In the past 45 days, at least three people have reported sightings over California.
On October 6, a man driving southbound on I-15 toward Victorville, California at 8:44 in the evening, reported seeing a triangular object at about 100 feet above the ground, slightly to the right of the freeway, and about a half-a-mile ahead. He said the object glided over the freeway, off to the right, and then moved along the freeway, a bit slower than traffic (70 mph). The man and his family watched it for about two minutes before it headed west and turned into a pulsating ball before disappearing.

On October 30, as a man and his girlfriend drove south on Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks at about 9:20 at night. His girlfriend pointed out lights over Los Angeles. The lights spun at a high rate of speed and at an angle.

He wrote, “It looked like a helicopter's red light flashing, like a beacon, I am not sure. Usually I see that light on regular flying aircraft, but this thing had lights, rows of lights, at this weird slanted angle and the lights were rolling. The object, like I said, at first was going away from us, heading south, then it came back over the hill and it looked like it started following the 101 Freeway westward.”

Then, just a week ago, on November 12, a pilot reported seeing two bright lights in the sky, slowly moving to the east at about 1,000 ft over the city of Vallejo, Napa, Solano County.

He wrote, “At first, they appeared to be two landing lights from a larger airplane. I didn't pay too much attention to them. I just noted that it looked like an airplane, going in the same general direction as a ‘right downwind’ for runway 6 at Napa Airport (KAPC). If it was a private jet in the pattern, it didn't turn right, to base, as it should have done - so, I started watching it more closely.

“As it was at about 1,000 feet, I saw a string of perfectly spaced and aligned 7-8 dimmer lights tying the two bright lights together. It was dark, but, if it was a black triangle, these smaller lights would have been the ‘aft’ lights. I tried to drive where I could continue to watch it, but had little luck. This object, whatever it was, was different than anything I had seen before.”

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