The 2014 Ford Mustang to usher in new design

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2014 will bring about the 50th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang and in a recent interview at the Paris Motor Show, Ford’s Group Vice President of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer J Mays addressed a few questions from Facebook users for the Ford Focus Facebook page. During that short interview video, J May commented on the upcoming 50th anniversary and stated that we can expect a “very cool Mustang” for the 2014 model year.

Mays included that the design team is under a great deal of pressure to produce something that can do justice to the Ford Mustang for its 50th anniversary and he acknowledged that a simple refresh to the 2010 models will not suffice. This would lead me to believe that the 2014 Ford Mustang could end the current platform era (known as S197) and introduce the next chassis and body generation of the Mustang.

The beginning of a new era of the Ford Mustang

The current body style was introduced as a 2005 model with the exterior refresh in 2010 giving the car a new look but by 2013, this generation of the Mustang will have covered 9 model years. The longest running generation of the Mustang was the Fox Body platform which was produced from 1979 through 1993 but due to a major refresh for the 1987 model year, the Fox Body generation is typically broken into two groups – one running from 1979 to 1986 and the other running from 1987 through 1993.

Should we wait until the 2014 model year for the next generation of the Ford Mustang, which isn’t out of the question with the rabid popularity of the retro-styled current Mustang, the S197 generation will go down as being one of the longest running generations of the famous pony car. Ford has also stated that all of the models in their global plan will offer an EcoBoost option in the near future so perhaps 2014 will bring us a new design platform and some additional packages and engines to celebrate the Mustang’s 50th birthday.

Click here to watch the video of J Mays from the Paris Motor Show, with his 2014 Mustang comments coming at 2:42 and 3:45.

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