Chevrolet builds 2011 Cruze electric vehicle fleet

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General Motors has announced that they will be expanding their electric vehicle development by producing a fleet of pure-electric-powered versions of the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. The unusual news is that this fleet of electric Cruze’s is being designed for research only in South Korea with no mention of an electric Cruze program here in the US.

GM works with LG to produce pure battery powered Cruze

General Motors has joined forces with LG Chem and LG Electronics to develop this small fleet of electric Chevy Cruze models for the South Korean testing. LG Chem is responsible for the batteries and LG Electronics came up with the electric propulsion system and in cooperation with GM’s South Korean branch – GM Daewoo – LG and GM will use the busy metropolis of Seoul to test the real-world capacities of this new drivetrain system.

During internal testing, the GM/LG built electric Chevy Cruze sedan was capable of dashing from 0-60 in a very respectable 8.2 seconds and the Cruze EV can reach a top speed of 102.5mph. On a single charge, the new Cruze EV has a range of around 100 miles during test sessions but this new program will show exactly what the LG/GM designed Cruze EV system can do in real world usage. Along with testing the range of the Cruze EV, GM and LG hope to test new quick-charge applications that could cut the charge time down from the current 8-10 hours.

General Motors has gone a very different route in the world of ‘green cars’, offering their unique Voltec drivetrain in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. Although the 2011 Volt offers plug-in capability, unlike other modern electric vehicles the Volt includes a generator system to help keep the drive system batteries charged. This allows the driver to go well beyond the typical range of the battery-driven electric drivetrain but newer technology comes with a higher cost.

So what about those people who don’t need the extended range of the Chevy Volt but they still want a General Motors built electric vehicle? That could be where the 2011 Cruze EV could come in to play.

A low cost electric vehicle for someone who only wants a short range commuter vehicle could allow General Motors to undercut other pure-electric models, all without creating competition with their revolutionary Chevy Volt.

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