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British UFO sighting documents a forerunner of new ancient astronaut theories

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – A forthcoming UFO sighting and paranormal meeting this May in Portland -- up the road from this popular UFO sighting location at Bray’s Point -- will explore the “ancient astronaut theories” that have appeared on recent national and international TV programs where some scientists repeat the skeptical and popular view “that there’s no evidence of UFOs or aliens;” while theories about ancient astronauts are “just pie in the sky.”

Still, the British government is not so skeptical after revealing – in its recently released hoard of 8,500 declassified UFO documents – that “numerous pieces from ancient times that cannot be dated with materials not found on Earth." In fact, there’s “numerous artifacts at the British Museum that have been found by archeologists who claim they are from astronauts from another world.”

This story is number six in an occasional series of reports about what the secret British UFO files contain, and what new information these documents reveal.

Alien astronauts may have been viewed as gods by ancient civilizations

In turn, the thousands of once top secret UFO records held in the U.K., and kept under lock and key for nearly 60 years, may have been classified by the British government for good reason, say officials who point to theories about “extraterrestrial beings” that were “perhaps viewed as gods” here on Earth.

Moreover, the recent media fascination with the subject of “ancient astronauts” is “not new at all,” state dozens of British UFO documents that also point to aliens or “something” that makes scientists believe that astronauts once visited Earth, and may still be here,” states the U.K. documents that are now available to the public for review.

Also, if one looks deep into the once top secret British UFO documents, there's links to report after report where officials ask about items dug up here on Earth that "just could not have come from human technology."

Top minds in United Kingdom state there is “real proof of UFOs”

Seeking the truth about UFOs over the United Kingdom and throughout the world is the basis of the British National Archive ‘s treasure trove of more than 8,500 documents now declassified after a March release that shocked scientists with evidence that intelligence outside the Earth is more complex than once believed.

Moreover, there’s thousands of files that point to human behavior and how everyday people confronted by alien life react by either reporting their UFO sightings or performing their own investigations.

While local Oregon UFO “watchers” – who like to frequent this stretch of beach at Bray’s Point along the central Oregon coast – say they are not scientists but “ufologists” after the term was first coined here in the U.S. at Roswell back in the late 1940’s after groups of scientists and others began investigation of the July 1947 UFO crash in the desert of New Mexico.

Still, these ufologists note “there’s never been a time as fertile as right now in 2011 for understanding the science behind UFO sightings, and why human behavior plays a key role in understanding why the aliens are here.”

Thus, the news about ancient astronauts is for some local UFO watchers “no big deal, because “the Brits already talked about ancients visiting Earth in their UFO documents.”

One local UFO “watcher” named Herb says he likes to keep to himself. Herb stands on the local beach at Bray’s Point – the farthest one can go West before hitting the Pacific ocean along the central Oregon coast – day after day with his field glasses “because I like to know what’s out there. I’ve see it (UFOs) before, and I’m always looking for more UFOs. It’s my pastime.”

In fact, there’s hundreds of pages that documents -- with confirmed reports by British scientists over the past 60 years – that point to “diggings in Egypt, Siberia and Stonehenge” that reveal artifacts that “are not from the Earth, or made by man."

The term ufologists is used extensively in the United Kingdom’s official UFO documents released back in early March. The now declassified 8,500 documents were collected over nearly 60 years, and put under lock and key due to concerns over national security in England.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense admitted it first became aware of the existence of UFO’s back at the end of World War II when reviewing “thousands of records” that mentioned “objects seen in the skies.”

Science is slow at “confirming” anything, states U.K. files, while dealing with disinformation

The British Ministry of Defense is quick to point out that the “exact science of UFOs is most difficult to reveal” because of debunkers, disinformation specialists and “thousands of outrageous claims and counterclaims.”

However, the experts in England – who’ve studied at the famed Oxford and Cambridge Universities – note that “it only takes one confirmed report to prove UFOs.”

For example, the British government let it be known – after the Roswell UFO crash of July 1947 in America – that it was also investigating UFOs “throughout the United Kingdom.”

Thus began the practice of locals either calling the local police or taking photos of their UFO sightings into British government offices.

Anyone can read parts of the British files on line

The release of these British UFO documents includes 35 large files that can be viewed at

It should also be noted that the files are available to download free of charge for one month at this U.K. National Archives website.


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