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Democratic comeback “scares” GOP as election nears

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PORTLAND, Oregon – The stakes are huge. For instance, Republicans have spent more than $1.7 billion on TV ads alone for the midterm election. Thus, it’s no wonder that the thought of losing any of the major races has the GOP running scared as more national polls point to a “comeback” for Democrat candidates nationwide come Nov. 2.

“Scary” Tea Party candidates help Democrats

A major poll released this past week by Gallup and other national polls and media organizations all point to major Democratic victories, to include Democrats winning seats in the House and Senate that were once “owned by Republicans.”

Moreover, the polls show Republicans now “running scared” as their high conservative and “mean-spirited” attacks against the Obama Administration and Democrats is viewed by many Americans as non-productive at a time when the country needs to come together and solve current recession woes.

“I don’t think voters want more war on Capitol Hill. Americans want their lawmakers to work together to solve problems, and not the slash and burn politics that Tea Party advocates promote. I want positive change, and I’m just weary of attack ads,” says Jennifer Hagel who met President Obama during the recent Oct. 20 campaign visit to Portland.

“I think the president articulates change with his hope message that’s still vital today as it was in 2008 when he won the election. Obama is all about raising the standard of living for all Americans, and the view that we make a good life here in America by what we give. Americans are not about hate and fear. We just need to move on in a positive direction, and I don’t see most Republicans wanting that,” explains Hagel who’s a grandmother of five, and concerned about the rise of hate in America during this controversial election season.

American history points to Democrats representing the middle class in America

Here in Oregon, Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly a quarter million voters. Democrats also outnumber GOP and radical Tea Party candidates in California, New York, Ohio, Florida and other major battleground states.

Overall, the gap between loyal Democratic voters and these new fundamentalists voters is widening, state the polls.

“Democratic-leaning voters are most Americans right now on this Halloween day. Many concerned Americans are more than a bit frightened of the New Left that is basically about venting anger with no clear plan for solutions to the country’s economic woes,” explains political science expert Jason Foster at Portland State University.

GOP’s fear message is no longer working, state voter polls

Just before magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween Day in 1926, he talked politics. “It takes a politician to know a politician, just as it takes a faker to know a fake,” said Houdini.

Now, radical GOP and Tea Party promoters such as Glenn Beck is turning off voters with his conservative Mormon religious views that he’s previously used to gather voters around a faith-and-values message.

“America today begins to turn back to God,” said Beck during his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington this past summer.

“Beck appeals to those frustrated Christian voters – who really don’t know of his strict Mormonism – to spread this ‘Stop Obama’s Agenda’ message that likes to paint the president as a Muslim and not a fellow Christian,” says Foster. “Beck is a throw-back to the early 1930’s when the Nazi Party used Germany’s struggling economy to get Hitler into office.

So it’s that type of antagonism toward the Democrats that’s now misfiring for Beck and his crowd,” says Foster was on hand for the Oct. 20 campaign visit when more than 11,000 turned out in Portland to hear President Obama’s message of hope in this time of recession.

“Obama talked about solutions to America’s problems, while Beck, Sarah Palin and others of this New Left are only centering on the Republican theme of fear. Americans want solutions, and they’re not buying these scare ads that the GOP and Tea Party are using to saturate the air waves,” adds Foster who specializes in discrediting the many “leftist hoax’s” that Republicans are marketing to voters this midterm election.

At the same time, Foster says Tea Party candidates -- such as Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell -- are “doing more to turn off voters than turning them on to the Republican’s ultra-conservative message.”

For example, part of these billion dollar TV ads -- that the Republican and Tea Party candidates are streaming now all over America -- includes one with a Halloween theme. In fact, O’Donnell’s TV ad is now viewed by political analysts as one of the strangest ever.

O’Donnell is on the record telling America “I am not a witch” in her famous TV ad that’s gone viral and, if anything, is making last minute voters reconsider voting Republican.

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