Eva Longoria may return to daytime TV role on the Young and the Restless

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Eva Longoria’s return as crazy "Isabella" was again teased during a July 3 airing of "The Young and the Restless" that’s still hurting after earning no major 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards; with hopes that this former "Desperate Housewives” star will boast ratings.

Stay tuned to the CBS TV soap opera “The Young and the Restless” to see if Eva Longoria really does return as the evil Isabella Brana after the show dropped a pre-4th of July bombshell this week with Isabella’s crazed son Ricky being killed by his father Paul Williams. “What’s crazy,” says Y&R fan Tina during a recent Huliq interview is “Paul Williams (portrayed by actor Doug Davidson) has been on the show since day one, back in 1978, or for 30 some years and he’s never killed someone like this – his own son Ricky.” In fact, the Young and the Restless seems to be pulling out all the stops with almost daily “cliff hangers” such as turning the character of Paul from a mainstay on the series for 30 years, into someone who murders his own son; who just happens to also be the son of Isabella, played by former “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria may be returning to Y&R to boost slipping ratings

Fans of the once very popular CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless,” may recall that Eva Longoria debuted in the role of the crazy Isabella back in 2001; while remaining on the cast of the series until June 2003, when it was announced that Longoria “had been let go,” stated a TV Guide report.

In turn, Longoria bounced back in the hit ABC primetime evening soap of a different sort “Desperate Housewives,” playing Gabrielle Solis until the series finale last month.

At the same time, her former show – The Young and the Restless – has been in a sort of funk after it garnered a record “16 nominations for the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards” and only won two lesser Emmy’s for its younger teen stars, reported TV Guide.

In turn, Lauralee Bell – whose parents created The Young and the Restless – while also playing the role of Christine Blair on the show recently told TV Guide that “Longoria has been seen in flashbacks during both recent and past programs, but would not reveal if Longoria will return in the flesh.

“That whole Isabella thing was a very scary time for Chris and Paul and now they wonder if there's something off about Ricky. At first, no one knew Isabella was crazy. He could be a whack job like his mother. Time will tell. But seeing Ricky for the first time as a man is really startling for Chris. And for me, too,” explained Bell during a TV Guide interview.

Paul Williams kills Isabella’s son Ricky

Those who watch The Young and Restless on a daily basis may recall that when Isabella’s son Ricky came back to town, Paul Williams really tried to bond with his son.

However, Paul soon learned that Ricky was a just as much a psychotic nut job as his mother Isabella; once played to the hilt by Eva Longoria.

In turn, a Y&R teaser overview for the killing explains it this way: “Paul finds Ricky who is about ready to kill an unconscious Eden Baldwin with a knife. Paul aims his gun at him, telling Ricky to stop. Ricky, however, taunts his father and dares him to shoot him and even goes so far as to blame Paul for how he turned out. Ricky confesses to killing his ex-girlfriend Rachel as well as Daisy Carter and even a college friend. When Ricky lunges at him with his knife, Paul fires his gun at his son, hitting him in the arm. The impact causes Ricky to stumble out a window and fall to his death.”

Then, on Y&R’s July 2 and July 3 programs, Paul is seen seated next to Isabella in a mental home and it sure looks like the role of Isabella is Eva Longoria with her shapely figure and long black hair. However, the Y&R cameras do not show Isabella or Eva’s face?

Victor Newman messes with grandkids mom to also boast ratings

Distasteful and even revolting story telling is what many of today’s daytime soaps are aiming for in an attempt to boost ratings, and literally save these shows from TV extinction; with the lecherous and evil Victor Newman being a prime example, say fans of The Young and the Restless.

There’s good reason why Sharon is still called “a tramp” during July episodes of “The Young and the Restless” after Sharon - the ex-wife of Victor Newman’s son Nick and the mother of Victor’s grandkids – crossed the line, say fans, due to Y&R looking for a ratings boost.

In turn, both Y&R fans and the soap opera community expressed more than just raised eyebrows when the lecherous Victor Newman – played by the 71-year-old Eric Braeden; whose real name is Hans Gudegast – started kissing and then sleeping around with the 30-something mother of his grandchildren.

“I think Eric is a dog, both on the show and in real life. I’d be afraid to cross this guy, and I realize he’s just an actor,” explains a Florence, Oregon, senior named Betty also explained how “Y&R was always one of my favorite soaps, but now they crossed the line with this letch Victor bedding a woman he once called his daughter.”

In fact, one Y&R fan commenting on the soaps website justified this May-December illicit romance by stating how “Sharon thinks of him as the father she never had and even when she kissed him I understood why and so did Victor. Victor thinks of her as his daughter, and he will always want to love and protect her.” Great, says Betty, of that comment; while adding: “But does that mean Victor has to sleep with Sharon?”

Soaps facing the end of line due to weak viewership and interest

In turn, a recent report in The New York Times explained why today’s once over the top daytime soap operas are not pulling out all the stops to keep their audience at a time when soap cancellations are at an all-time high; with soap “obituaries” declaring “the end of the entire daytime soap opera industry” is at hand.

Maria Arena Bell, executive producer and head writer for “The Young and the Restless” on CBS, who said: “Once upon a time soaps wrote to Fridays, where things would slowly build throughout the week, and Friday you’d have a stunning cliffhanger to keep your attention. I still build to Fridays, but my motto is that every day has to be a Friday.”

In turn, the recent killing of Ricky by his father Paul Williams is not only an attempt to boost ratings, say fans, but is “a shame because Paul has been a good guy on Y&R for 30 years.”

Such views about keeping cliffhangers going on all the time is understandable, added the Times report because, after all, there have been so many obituaries to write: Besides eight cancellations in the last 15 years, a deal to keep “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” alive on the Internet recently fell through.

Also, the New York Times reported how SoapNet, Disney’s round-the-clock soap channel is scheduled “went dark” last March.

In turn, the current highest-rated remaining soap, “The Young and the Restless,” is seen “by a mere 4.7 million people;” whereas other daytime programs such as the fake court TV show “Judge Judy” has been “creaming the soaps with nearly 9.4 million viewers daily.”

Real life Victor Newman called a loose cannon

This reporter will never forget seeing one of Victor and Nikki’s many Y&R weddings back in the 1980’s when Y&R took the show on the road to shopping malls and other public venues.

Remembering Eva Longoria's Wedding with Tony Parker in Paris, France

In turn, Victor and Nikki cut their wedding cake and handed it out to fans; while it was noted that the real life Victor, the German actor Eric Braeden – who played the evil Nazi Hans Dietrich in the Sixties TV series “The Rat Patrol” – yelled at several fans that approached him. The fans response was the same as Neil Patrick Harris’ reaction to the real life Victor Newman; with both fans and Harris calling Eric Braeden a jerk.

In turn, Braeden literally became the same mean spirited Victor Newman in real life when he called Neil Patrick Harris all sorts of names in both TV and online interviews after Harris announced via Twitter that Braeden would not be reprising his role on the hit evening TV show “How I Met Your Mother.”

In his Tweet, Harris called Braeden a “D-Bag” for deciding on very short notice not to film a scheduled cameo for the program. Harris then claimed, according to a report in TV Guide, that Braeden said the role was “not substantial enough” for him to appear. Braeden then went mental in his negative responses about what Harris said about him, with Y&R fans saying “it’s typical Victor Newman.”

Moreover, Braeden announced recently that after almost 30 years on Y&R, that he was leaving the show; with fellow actors Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Peter Bergman (Jack) telling soap opera publications that most of the cast would not miss the out-spoken and even rude Braeden who they said had taken his mean Victor role to heart.

At the same time, Braeden told EW.com in an interview that “We reached an impasse in the negotiations,” but he changed his tune when realizing that Victor is still his best shot at remaining employed in the bitter and image conscious world of today’s TV soaps where youth trumps a 71-year-old aging actor such as Braeden; thus returning him to the role of Victor who is still playing the “dirty old man” as of today’s latest “cliffhanger” on Y&R June 15.

Soapocalypse at hand with few remaining soaps in trouble

We can all agree that things are not looking good for the soap opera, asserted The New York Times in a recent story about the demise of today’s daytime soaps.

However, they’re not all dead yet, with four traditional soaps still on each weekday — “Days of Our Lives,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “The Young and the Restless” and “General Hospital.”

Also, the Times noted “It’s worth remembering one of the soaps’ favorite plot twists: triumphant, often inexplicable, returns from the dead. The modern soap opera does not appear that much different than it did 15 or 30 years ago. There are still infidelities, murder mysteries, lies. Tortured couples still stare at each other across the room, practically drooling with lust that has built over months. But there are subtle changes. For one, stories aren’t being dragged out endlessly anymore.”

The old theory says: Keep things moving slowly, because if people are only watching two or three times a week, they need to know what’s happening. Our new theory is: Something has to happen every day, and it’s more important to feel as though you’ve missed something by not watching,” explained Maria Arena Bell, executive producer and head writer for “The Young and the Restless” in the Times interview.

Overall, Florence senior Betty says “soaps were always my secret shame because they’re not real, but they seem real.” The senior also explained the appeal of her current favorite soap “The Young and the Restless” is centered “on just one good thing, and that’s when that SOB Victor will finally get his for sleeping with a woman who is his daughter-in-law and like a daughter to this letch for the past 20 years. Victor crossed the line this time, and I hope he doesn’t get away with it.”

Thus, all eyes are not on The Young and the Restless to see if Eva Longoria reprises her role as the evil wife Isabella whose son Ricky was killed by his father Paul Williams this week on this show that was almost shut-out at the recent 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards; opening the door, say fans, for Y&R to do something desperate to both boost ratings and become a contender again for the Daytime Emmy’s that it won in spades back in the day when this soap was the top dog on daytime TV.

Image source of Eva Longoria who once played the role of Isabella Braña in the Young and the Restless. Photo courtesy Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isabella_Bra%C3%B1a


Submitted by Ginger S. (not verified) on
I'm shocked to read that the ratings are low for young & the restless. i've been watching this show for 15 years and my mother's been watching for much much longer than that. so what... a particular story line didn't win emmys. well, there's more stories coming down the line and i can't wait to watch them! i just don't know what i'd do if y&r was canceled! and i don't want to think about it.

Submitted by Still Devoted (not verified) on
I have watched Y&R since day one and the same with B&B. I will start with Y&R by saying I was shocked that the writers would have Paul kill his own son. OMG !!!!! Doug Davidson is a phenominal actor, one of the best on Daytime and this storyline is so out of character for Paul. If Eva Longoria does return as Isabella, it would be fantastic but to go in that direction to boost ratings? It would definitely do so, but the return of Isabella would probably be brief , therefore, why even bother. There could never be anyone to replace Eva Longoria's portrayal of Isabella, the shoes are way too big to fill. Victor, I love to hate him. He is beyond irritating and self righteousness. I would love to see him brought down for once and I would like to see Jack or Tucker do it. Victor's being involved with Sharon is disgusting to say the least. I hope that he and Nikki do not get back together, their relationship is so old and tiresome. Of course I was never a Nikki fan at all. Why Eileen Davidson is being written off is a huge mistake and one of Y&R's worst decisions. She is Ashley and the character should remain. The addition of Jennifer Landon is brilliant as Heather. I loved seeing her on ATWT as Gwen. The return of Ronan is a wonderful choice as well, just keep him on canvas longer. B&B is another story, no pun intended. Although I watch this show, I really have no idea why. I get either nauseated or laugh. The storyline of Steffy/Liam/Hope is way way overdone and dragged out too long. Why the writers still insist on having other characters, such as Taylor constantly wanting to break up Liam and Hope. They are married now, move on. This show is too repetative with pretty much the same scenarios with different characters. I could continue with my comment regarding B&B but I have to be nice. Y&R is still number one with me.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I've been a faithful Y&R fan since day #1, and I cannot imagine what the writers were thinking when they made Paul kill his own child. Was Ricky "really" Paul's son? Will DNA be involved? Before the writers bring Isabella back, they could clear up a few things in the very confusing current story line. The children have aged too much too quickly. The viewers cannot keep up with who is whom. And there are no "good" people on the show any more. The writers have turned Sharon from a loving and caring person into a real "b". Please, tell us that the Victor/Sharon thing is only a ruse. The men in her life have problems making up their minds who to take to bed. We know Victor and Jack play catch with Nikki, but Nick and Phyllis, well the writers don't think that we can remember what kind of person she is. When will she face the music?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Y&R has a history of chaging bad people to semi good - remember Leanna who tried to kill ashley on her honeymoon with a poison Lei? Lets not forget Victor and his dungeon, or his insider trading that allowed him to take over Jabot. I am not sure why everyone is going nuts over Paul killing the psycho kid- a. it was an accident he shot him to stop him from killing and wounded him, then he fell out a window. Paul is not exactly squeeky clean I mean he did illegally imprison Shelia (after her Phyllis surgeroy make over) in a cell of his own making. What ever happened to due proccess? Y&R never really had pure good characters. Cricket was one and look what was constatnly happening to her, rape, sexual harrasment, a mother dying of aids. Look what they did to Colleen, they not only killed off the most innocent character they gave her heart to Victor! Who apprecated it for like a day. I think the Victor Sharon story is just gross. I remember when they were going the Ridge/Bridget route on B&B and everyone said it was waaay to inappropriate..I mean he thought he was her father, he delivered her for goodness sake and you are going to expect us to accept them as a couple? ew. Luckliy they came to their senses. but to the topic - I would expect Eva would come back - if just for a day part - I mean what else does she have going on? and it would put her name in the news (easier than "dating" Mark Sanchez lol). This story actually gives Doug Davison some depth to work with other than always coming to someone's rescue...he has to deal with not being able to save his own son.

Submitted by Maureen (not verified) on
This insane storyline about the nearly 20 year hit & run is ruining my favorite soap! There's a statute of limitations yet the idiot writers think we are all idiots ourselves! If evidence is found linking the car she rented for being the exact same one that hit Cricket & Paul, it doesn't matter!! It's a SIX YEAR statute of limitations, and this stupid incident happened 18 years ago -- nearly TWO DECADES AGO!! Don't the writers have something more compelling and credible to write about other than some prosecution that can never happen due to the statute of limitations having already run out a dozen years ago!!?

Submitted by Maureen (not verified) on
What's happening with Y&R? Horrible storylines! Victor & Sharon? Really? I always thought Adam was his best self with Sharon, and Sharon was independent & wasn't so needy & absurd when she was with Adam! But no, they need her to be practically incestuous with her chikdren's grandfather instead, and then turn into a snotty rude witch of a woman to all those around her, especially to Nikki. Then they're writing out Ashley, wrecking the marriage of her & Tucket, which I liked... And I love Nick & Phyliss together so much, but now this absurd story about a nearly 20 year old unsolved NON-FATAL hit & run... The statute of limitations on that is only six years, which means it ran out 12 years ago, so all this hot air Cricket is breathing on Phyliss about prosecuting her is just that: hot air! They have no evidence that her rental car is the one who hit Cricket & Paul, no-one died, the car that hit them is probably scrap metal by now, and this happened nearly 20 years ago!! But that statute ran out well over a decade ago!! Stupid writers for stirring the pot on a woman who had truly grown and learned and matured! She's still feisty but she's actually one of the good guys now, not some enemy of the people! And bring back Jill! I miss her!! Please Y & R writers and powers-that-be: stop ruining my favorite soap!!

Submitted by peter jeffs (not verified) on
doesnt it matter that she did do it. i dont know how long youve watched yand r but she got away with it..im surprised it took so long to bring it back into the story..she should have some punishment for what she did...she wanted to kill kristine...she is not that great a character...she is ok...but past her prime for sure..i agree with you about jill . she is way better that phyllis...young danny r., kevin , tucker , neil, even kevins wife are all such good actors..i

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is about time. Victor should have been shot years s ago by. NIcki

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is about time. Victor should have been shot years s ago by. NIcki


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