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Foodie title given to those who enjoy fast foods on Diners and Drive-Ins

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One take-away from the ongoing “Diners/Drive-Ins” realty show is the word “Foodies,” that Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood also coined during a recent TV interview.

Beyond acting, what famed “The Lord of the Rings” actor Elijah Wood likes to sink his teeth into are trendy fast foods that are also featured tonight on yet another four-hour marathon of “Diners/Drive-Ins” episodes; starting at 8/7c and featuring six back-to-back episodes. In turn, Wood told CBS “Sunday Morning” Sept. 9 that when not portraying Frodo Baggins in “The Hobbit” film that will be released in December; he hangs-out at his favorite sausage shop in Venice, California. It so happens that this same “out of the way food joint” - that specializes in sausages, fries and other fun foods - was previously featured on Diners/Drive-Ins; while Wood did not disclose how he found this fast food place now made famous again with Wood scarfing down sausages and fries during his Sunday Morning munch fest.

Wood admits being a “foodie” like fans of Diners/Drive-Ins

Elijah Wood, 31, told Sunday Morning that he chose a back-street food joint for his interview because “I love it. I love sausage,” and he wasn’t kidding when gobbling down two massive over-stuffed sausages and then stating: "Yes, I am a foodie, a proud, card-carrying member of the foodie society!"

The interviewer then asked Wood, "Which means you go for adventurous stuff?” While Wood is famous for his role in “The Lord of the Rings," he admits to not being that far out in real life; while enjoying instead to eat certain foods that give him pleasure.

Also, Wood’s current TV gig is on the sitcom “Wilfred,” where Woods plays Ryan, a depressed guy who also enjoys eating to be happy.

"Oh yeah, absolutely,” Woods asserted, when explaining his passion for munches as a Foodie. “The older I get, the more adventurous I think I become. I will sort of try anything. There's nothing I'm afraid to try."

In turn, that philosophy also goes for the white spiked haired Guy Fieri who tells “Foodies” each week on his Food Network reality show “Diners/Drive-Ins,” how one can’t always tell where good food is being served just by the look of the joint.

Guy Fieri likes the “food” to tell the story

Guy Fieri and his Diners/Drive-Ins show is again featured on the Food network tonight, Sept. 10, with another six episode marathon that starts at 8/7c, with Fieri checking out “homemade dishes,” what’s good at a Greek diner, what makes brick-oven pizza so good and Fieri’s review of “time-tested eateries” that have that same passionate following of devote “Foodies” such as Elijah Wood.

In turn, Diners/Drive-Ins uses the “you can really taste it method” when showcasing a place that Fieri is over the top for in terms of “really good food.”

If you’ve ever thought about the rise of the “Foodies” in America today, than you no doubt are part of this new wave of cooking, food competition and TV reality shows that feature “chefs” creating interesting stuff to eat.

Thus, it seems that many young Americans like 31-year-old Elijah Wood are self-proclaimed Foodies who enjoy eating as “sort of entertainment,” added Wood, when not working.

For instance, the recent six episode marathon of “Diners/Drive-Ins” was designed to make the most out of host Guy Fieri’s most tasteful statements about the food places being featured so, as one fan commented, “you can almost taste the food being served.”

After all, adds Fieri “we all have to eat.”

Diners/Drive-Ins different than other “cooking shows”

While the Food Network’s “Diners/Drive-Ins” is designed to both elevate local fast-food joints – and then pare away all nonessentials such as the massive egos of TV chiefs - so the viewer at home can also enjoy the going out to eat experience.

Thus, there’s a difference in being a “Foodie” who enjoys all sort of interesting fast foods – often served in funky old diners, chuckwagon trucks or food stands that one drives up to – than just a TV viewer who watches people messing about with food.

In turn, Elijah Wood explained that he’s more interested in good food than who is preparing it.

Also, the philosophy of this popular “Diners/Drive-In” realty show – that spotlights eclectic diners and “street food” trucks around the country – while bowing down to a fundamental appreciation of “Foodies” who simply enjoy good fast-food that’s now “hip” or “chic” in many regions of the country.

Watching food on TV "should not be a competition," says a Foodie

With TV awash in all sorts of food shows today, viewers are finding it difficult to just “watch good food be served-up,” said organic gardener Blake during a recent Sept. 9 interview in Eugene, Oregon, where Blake sells his “organic veggies” at a local Sunday market.

“I don’t want to be no cook, and I don’t want to cook no food or watch someone cooking,” explains self-professed “Foodie” Blake who adds how he prefers watching Diners/Drive-Ins because “it turns me on to what food is out there, instead of lecturing me on how great chef so and so is. If I wanted a cooking school show, I’d watch reruns of Julia Child on PBS,” he adds with a big grin.

For instance, tune in for tonight’s smorgasbord of six 30-minute “Diners/Drive-In” episodes - that air back-to-back beginning at 8/7c; while this Food Network’s program has a regular Monday airtime at 10/9c – and you will find the show’s host Guy Fieri sort of going along for the ride to find good “Foodie” food being served.

Real-life food joints in America drives the show

According to the programs website, "Diners/Drive-In’s" aims to spotlight what has become entertainment for many Americans, who like Elijah Wood, are “Foodies” who want to see good food being served up in “real diners and drive-ins,” and some food entertainment or food competition show.

Thus, host Fieri continues with that same zeal to get the good out to the people with this Food Network reality TV show “Diners/Drive-In’s” that puts the fun back into eating out, say fans.

For instance, Fieri likes to get out of the way when local diner cooks serve up their creations, over turning this Food Network show into some sort of ego trip about “look at me making this great meal.” And, in turn, a true blue "Foodie" would simply say "who cares," because "I just want to eat the food and not promote your chef ego."

While tonight’s airing of six back-to-back on “Diners/Drive-Ins” is a big treat for “Foodies” and other fans of the show, the Food Network reminds viewers that the show will return next Monday with single episodes at its regular Monday airtime at 10/9c.

Image source of self-proclaimed “Foodie” Elijah Wood who enjoys eating “all sorts of fast-food” at trendy joints in the Los Angeles area where the 31-year-old actor lives. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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