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Greenland's ice melting fast as Frontline predicted during its climate change TV shows

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Even die-hard Republicans - who once said global warming was “hog wash” – may now admit that climate change is to blame for NASA’s warning that nearly all of Greenland’s ice pack is melting.

When the PBS “Frontline” TV show first started reporting “global warming” back during the end of the Bush Administration, it’s Emmy-award winning episode - “Hot Politics: Examining the politics behind the U.S. government’s failure to act on the biggest environmental problem of our time” – was trashed as a “hoax,” since it went so far as warning about Greenland’s melting ice pack due to global warming. In fact, Frontline was condemned by some GOP members “for its liberal agenda about global warming.” Flash forward to Frontline’s recent July 24 report on new Republican plans to mine Alaska’s delicate ecosystem at “Bristol Bay,” and no wonder Frontline has earned a record nine Primetime Emmy nominations this year for being on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our topsy-turvy world. Meanwhile, other recent “Frontline” TV programs on PBS featured people up in Greenland looking in horror as their once majestic glaciers are melting faster than even top scientists had predicted; while U.S. media reported July 26 how “huge slabs of Greenland’s ice pack are falling into the sea,” resulting in huge waves that nearly engulfed a boat of sightseers this week.

In turn, an 84 year-old senior named Betty watched the ice melting up in Greenland on TV today "as shocking” she said; while this Florence, Oregon, senior then asserted: “This is yet another sign that our world is going to hell in a hand-basket.”

NASA: “Strange and Sudden Massive Melting of Ice in Greenland”

Today’s July 26 headline from NASA's report – that “strange and sudden massive melting of ice in Greenland” is a clear and present danger to the world – seems to echo what Frontline stated just two days ago, on July 24, when this PBS television program aired a story about how some Republican lawmakers are now part of the growing battle in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where this “delicate ecosystem” is already in danger due to climate change.

Meanwhile, Frontline exposed this GOP plan to start mining the Bay for its enormous mineral deposits – with “billions in gold” to be mined in Bristol Bay – while the environment up in this part of Alaska mirrors the global warming problems in nearby Greenland.

Still, with “only” the last great wild sockeye salmon in the way of Republicans who want to take gold and other natural treasures from Bristol Bay; it’s unlikely, stated this July 24 Frontline report, that “anyone can stop them.”

In turn, one Frontline fan commented on the TV show’s website after watching this recent July 24 program with: “It Is horrifying that the decision to forever change the ecosystem of an region comes down to a few people open to persuasion by money and special interest. If pebble mine is built, its impact on the environment will not be felt by us- the generation of people who made the decision, but inherited by our children.”

Also, this “Frontline” TV viewer added: “One of the striking moments of the show came at the hearing organized by the pebble mine where one of the representatives said he will retiring in a few weeks. In fact, many of the employees of the mining company chosen to speak on this program are of an age where they should ask themselves whether their children or grandchildren will look back on their involvement in lobbying for this mine with pride or shame. They should be of that age where they are thinking about their own legacy to the world that they leave behind....will it be a pristine landscape that sustains so much wild life, or a giant pit of poison that will need to be treated and managed for the rest of humanity's existence on this Earth.”

NASA and Frontline explain the horror ahead for Earth as Greenland melts away

Now that NASA has confirmed on its website that the glaciers of Greenland are melting faster than anyone expected; thus, contributing to a rise “in the global sea level at a faster rate than was previously believed” – proof is still needed for some Republicans and others who still believe that “global warming is a hoax.”

Also, Frontline has joined leading U.S. and international environmental groups who condemning the view that – “it’s fine and dandy to start massive mining operations” - up in Alaska’s still pristine Bristol Bay that interesting enough, added Frontline’s July 24 TV story about the Bay; noted how this region of Alaska sits up at the top of the world where Greenland’s ice pack is melting today at “an alarming rate.”

For instance, Frontline’s teacher resource pages – that mirror previous Frontline TV programs – noted that between 1991 and 2004, those monitoring the weather at the Swiss Camp location “showed that the average winter temperature had risen almost 6 C (11 F).”

While Frontline has called Greenland a continent – in various reports warning about “global warming” – a college geology text book states that “Greenland is, by area, the world’s largest island” with a population of only 56,000 from a January 2011 estimate. In fact, the text book stated that “Greenland is the least densely populated dependency or country in the world.”

The text book also notes that Greenland has been inhabited – though not continuously – by Arctic peoples via Canada for nearly 5,000 years. For instance, during the 10th century, Norsemen settled on the uninhabited southern part of Greenland; while today Denmark has established rule over Greenland.

NASA image report shows Greenland melting fast

What horrified many Americans – when viewing such TV networks as MSNBC July 26 – was the report that “Greenland’s entire massive ice sheet suddenly started melting a bit this month, a freak event that surprised scientists. Even Greenland's coldest and highest place, Summit station, showed melting. Ice core records show that last happened in 1889 and occurs about once every 150 years.”

In addition, Frontline has already reported about those NASA satellites that show what NASA calls “unprecedented melting of the ice sheet that blankets the island, starting on July 8 and lasting four days. Most of the thick ice remains. While some ice usually melts during the summer, what was unusual was that the melting happened in a flash and over a widespread area.”

"You literally had this wave of warm air wash over the Greenland ice sheet and melt it," NASA ice scientist Tom Wagner said July 24 on the same day Frontline featured yet another TV program about the GOP’s dismissal of global warming claims; while Frontline then reported Republican plans to mine Alaska’s environmentally protected and pristine Bristol Bay.

In turn, NASA’s website revealed how Greenland’s ice melt area “went from 40 percent of the ice sheet to 97 percent in four days.”

"When we see melt in places that we haven't seen before, at least in a long period of time, it makes you sit up and ask what's happening?" It's a big signal, the meaning of which we're going to sort out for years to come,” explained NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati said in a public press release from NASA.

NASA's images of Greenland in trouble don't lie

At the same time, NASA released updated images July 25 that shows “the extent of surface melt over Greenland’s ice sheet on July 8 and July 12.”

Meanwhile, the NASA report stated how “measurements from three satellites showed that on July 8, about 40 percent of the ice sheet had undergone thawing at or near the surface. In just a few days, the melting had dramatically accelerated and an estimated 97 percent of the ice sheet surface had thawed by July 12.”

In other images, NASA’s experts pointed to the areas classified as “probable melt” that correspond to those sites where at least one satellite detected surface melting. The areas classified as “melt” correspond to sites where two or three satellites detected surface melting. Nearly every part of the massive Greenland ice sheet suddenly and strangely melted a bit this month in a freak event that concerned scientists had never witnessed before.”

NASA also says three different satellites “saw what it calls unprecedented melting from July 8 to July 12. Most of the thick ice remains, but what was unusual was the widespread area where some melting occurred.”

Frontline warned that Greenland's ice melting is “most serious for the planet”

When “Frontline” aired its Emmy-nominated “Hot Politics: Examining the politics behind the U.S. government’s failure to act on the biggest environmental problem of our time” the response was fast and furious from members of the GOP who warned PBS and Frontline that federal funding for public television would be cut.

In turn, Frontline created a massive public information program on its program website to track “global warming” issues; while also pledging to continue reporting about GOP plans to raze once protected ecosystems and do such things as “drill for oil,” even while there was debate on Frontline about “who killed the electric car.”

Thus, Frontline’s zeal to continue reporting about America’s many environmental issues turned into its special center for investigative reporting that “reports on suppressed science, and other key scientific and political developments on global warming.”

Also, Frontline has announced that it will continue to interview “climate scientists and policy makers” who may oppose those Republicans and others who continue to call global warming a hoax; while then pushing to drill for more oil and mine once protected regions of Alaska and regions in the lower 48.

Moreover, Frontline is taking a cue from its recent nine Primetime Emmy Award nominations for its unbiased reporting about global warming, climate change and other pressing issues impacting Americans by including a teacher’s guide - on this ice melt disaster up in Greenland – as part of Frontline’s “Center for Investigative Reporting” that can be viewed on the program’s website.

Image source of the famed “Scoresby Sund” in eastern Greenland that the PBS TV program “Frontline” reported as having the longest fjord in the world but, unfortunately, is today barren of its once wonderful ice bergs that once helped define Greenland as an icy place on the planet, but no more, states NASA after recent satellites images discovered that Greenland’s ice pack is melting faster than expected. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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