Guy Fieri serves up the "anti-chef" role on Diners and Drive-Ins series

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He owns five restaurants and is not a “chef,” but simply the over-the-top food show expert Guy Fieri; a self-proclaimed fan of food who hosts Diners/Drive-Ins.

Whenever there’s food in the news, the Food Network’s goto guy is Guy Fieri, 44, who, in turn, seems to relish his role as the “anti-chef” on TV food shows such as “Diners/Drive-Ins” that Fieri hosts each Friday evening. In fact, Fieri is serving up another three-hour marathon of the reality TV show “Diners/Drive-Ins” that will feature six back-to-back episodes on Friday, Sept. 14 beginning at 8/7c on the Food channel. Moreover, Fieri will host the Food Network’s “New York City Wine & Food Festival” that’s set for Oct. 13 at Pier 36 in the Big Apple, with ABC TV reporting Sept. 10 that Fieri saying “I can’t wait to have a rockin’ time showin’ families how to get down in the kitchen and prepare delicious, healthy meals. Gettin’ the whole family involved in cooking, just like I do every day at home with my wife and kids, makes for an awesome meal.”

Also, this "Diners/Drive-Ins" host was actually born “Guy Ferry," but changed his last name early on when viewing himself as destined for a role on television "as a personality who promotes good American food," states his Food Network biography; while also noting how Fieri has become "the face of the Food Network."

Fieri’s call for food to unite people

While fans of Fieri’s current “Diners/Drive-In’s” series on the Food Network also know him from numerous other TV cooking show, Fieri has “no training as a chef,” but simply worked at various restaurants during high school before going on to manage and own his own restaurants, states a biography.

Also, this TV food star seems to enjoy bursting the bubble when discussing those ego-focused chefs on other television shows that put more focus on the chef’s personality than the food their supposedly cooking.

Thus, Fieri is proud of his “anti-chef” moniker that he wears on various Food Network programs - including the next airing of “Diners/Drive-Ins” on Friday, Sept. 14 - with the always hungry Fieri sampling pizza, “unique fast food,” and other dishes that he’s discovered at out of the way diners and drive-in food joints featured on this food based reality show.

Overall, a fan of Fieri Tweeting about his Big Apple food festival event wrote that “Guy likes to use food as a good means to unite people to do good things.”

In addition to his current gig on Diners/Drive-Ins, Fieri is known around the Food Network for hosting such TV shows as “Dinner: Impossible,” “Paula’s Party,” “Ace of Cakes,” and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

Fieri part of movement to use food as a diplomatic tool

Guy Fieri’s bullish approach to use food as one means to bring people together in peace and harmony has been heard by the U.S. State Department under the newly established “American Chef Corps,” that the Washington Post reported is aimed at fostering “international diplomacy through food.”

In turn, the Post reported Sept. 7 that “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton believes in the power of food. Over more than three years as America’s top diplomat, she has increasingly used cuisine as a tool to bring people together. Now Clinton is enlisting top-rated chefs from across the nation to join an effort to forge cultural exchanges over the dining table worldwide.”

Thus, it was on Sept. 7, that more than 80 chefs were inducted into the first American Chef Corps. According to the Washington Post report “these food experts could help the State Department prepare meals for visiting dignitaries, travel to U.S. embassies abroad for educational programs with foreign audiences or host culinary experts from around the world in their U.S. kitchens.”

For example, during the month of September, chefs and food experts from 25 countries are visiting Washington, New York, San Francisco, the Midwest and New Orleans to learn about U.S. food culture in a State Department program.

Also, one of the big American cooking stars for these foreign chefs and food experts “is Guy Fieri,” Tweeted one member of this diplomatic culinary partnership because Fieri has been one of the hardest working food personalities on American TV. “Frankly, Guy’s white spiked hair and all those tattoos on his arms, he’s not someone you forget watching on television,” the partnership food fan added in another Tweet.

Diners/Drive-Ins host bullish on true American food

Fieri himself as often said during his musings on the Food Network show “Diners/Drive-Ins,” that real American food is “not just about some fancy cuisine,” but about the people and the towns where it comes from.

In turn, Diners/Drive-Ins uses the “you can really taste it method” when showcasing a place that Fieri is over the top for in terms of “really good food.”

Although he was born in Ohio, the Food Network biography for Fieri explains how he grew-up in the wilds of the California coast in what “far out dudes and retro-Hippies” known as the rural area of Humboldt County. Thus, this is where Fieri went to high school and also later attended “a foreign exchange program to France that began his interest in food and cooking.”

Today, Fieri still lives in this wild area of Humboldt County in Northern California with his wife Lori, sons Hunter and Ryder, and dog “Rockstar.” Friends and fans who know Fieri in these parts explain that he’s no hoity-toity TV celebrity chief, but “simply a guy who likes good American nosh cooked by regular people who know what they’re doing.”

Image source of Guy Fieri, 44, host of the Food Network’s “Diners/Drive-Ins.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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