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Jim Carrey, "Creed thoughts" and more strangeness set for The Office final season

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The Office gets its “strange” on for its ninth and final season when funny and weird stuff starts happening during the each and every episode until its finale in early 2013.

NBC wants fans to get ready for the final season of “The Office” – that returns on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9/8c – by hyping more guest stars, weird humor and program extras. In turn, the program’s website currently features the cast of The Office fighting with each other on a human-sized chess board with the image of movie mega-star Jim Carry, and The Office legend "Michael Scott," seen in the background as sort of the big tease of what’s to come. Moreover, those who’ve enjoyed the strange world of Creed Bratton – who’s played a fictionalized version of himself as The Office quality assurance officer – can now read Creed’s not so private rants on “The Office” website under the title “Creed Thoughts.”

Thus, fans can expect the ninth and final season of “The Office” not to have any cool elegance – that other TV sitcoms usually bask in during its final season – but simply more hype about the big stars who will join the strange cast of characters to try and capture that “Office magic” that allowed NBC to keep this comedy on the air for what will be nine years.

Jim Carry tailored for The Office’s off-beat humor

The rubber-face movie mega-star Jim Carry will help close the door on “The Office” and it’s fictional Dunder Mifflin paper business - that is going the way of dinosaurs in this paper-less world - where data on computers has replaced hard copy paper documents that The Office crew have been hawking for the past eight years.

In turn, the show’s network NBC announced Sept. 6 that Steve Carell will return “at some point” in their final series as well Jim Carry who also has agreed to join the cast for a future episode or episodes of The Office.

Moreover, the original creator of “The Office” franchise Ricky Gervais – who started “The Office” on British TV – will also “visit” the show along with other NBC stars; such as Ray Romano (who is now on “Parenthood) and “Up All Night” star Will Arnett who recently announced his separation from “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler.

And, there’s also rumors that Will Ferrell will drop by and see his old friend “Jim” Carrey when these two crazy comedy stars attempt to turn Dunder Mifflin inside out as a sort of send-off for the show’s ninth and final season on NBC.

Creed gets even crazier for final season

His real name is Creed Bratton and he plays a fictionalized version of himself on “The Office” for each and every episode thus far in the show’s eight-year history.

Now, with a cult following for this very strange actor, there’s something called “Creed Thoughts” that’s now being featured on the program’s website.

In turn, there’s already a half dozen “Creed Thoughts” that are, let’s say, over the top and boarder-line nuts in terms of a fan asking “did Creed really write this stuff?”

For instance, here’s four “Creed Thoughts” form a recent Sept. 6 posting on The Office website:

-- “Air fresheners are a real waste of dough. If you’re looking to make your house or tent smell tasty, the best thing you can do is scatter bits of fresh baked codfish everywhere. Trust me, people will notice.”

-- “I keep hearing about a bunch of panthers playing football down in North Carolina? Now that’s something Ol’ Creedy has to see for himself! I always sort of suspected panthers were hiding retractable thumbs.”

-- “Weird but true: I’ve discovered the best way to cure hiccups is to confess to a strange about all the motor vehicle theft you’ve been involved in.”

-- “Summer's ending, which is a real bummer. Here's one thing you can do: tip your head back in the shower and get a bunch of water up your nose. It's unpleasant and you'll probably get an epic earache, but it'll feel like you just went swimming, swear to Hendrix.”

At the same time, Creed Bratton joins the shows other many minor characters playing roles of office workers.

Thus, Creed’s predicting that Angela Martin, Oscar Martinez and Kevin Malone; along with Phyllis Lapin-Vance, Meredith Palmer, Kelly Kapoor will join Andy Bernard for yet more weird and crazy stuff that’s come to symbolize “The Office” humor as the show gets ready to kick-off its ninth and final season on NBC with the show’s premier episode on Sept. 20.

Image source of a view of “The Office” characters Kevin, Angela, Oscar, Meredith and Creed checking out something crazy online at their fictional Dunder Mifflin offices. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Submitted by szczuam (not verified) on
Um...those guest stars are all from Season 7. I think you might need to fact-check a bit more. This is kind of embarrassing for you.

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on
I would love if Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell returned to The Office this season because I think they weren’t given enough time on the show. I did hear from one of the guys I work with at DISH that Stephen Colbert will be on the Halloween episode. I really hope he’s right because I think Colbert would be hilarious with the cast. I’m so sad that this is the final season, but I am happy that I’ll be able to archive it with my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime feature, along with the rest of the primetime lineup of NBC. This way, if I end up running late, I know that I not only have the new episode of The Office waiting for me at home, but also Parks and Recreation!

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